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    Wizard - PVE

    I went for the Spectral Blade/Arcane orb left-right mouse set up, So I'm able to melee if desired or blast enemies with an arcane orb.

    Action Bar Skills:

    Defense - Storm Armor: To absord melee and ranged attacks while offering some offensive attributes at the same time.
    Arcane - Meteor: I went for this spell mainly for its (small) AOE bonuses. While also smashing through enemies.

    Conjuration - Familiar: I specced into the Familiar to offer a little more offensive, espeically towards enemies in close range.
    Mastery - Explosive Blast: A fail safe AOE to take care of any close surrounding enemies at hand.

    Passive Skills:
    Temporal Flux: To slow down enemies by 30% while blasting Arcane Orb.
    Power Hungry: Mainly to keep my Arcane power topped up while healing to make sure I'm able to keep spamming enemies.
    Unstable Anomaly: A fall back AOE just incase I'm down to 20% health

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#dZTQlh!Zah - A build that came across as a versatile play through for a Wizard. I will however like to play with this Build once I go through the game.
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    posted a message on The D2 heroes in D3?
    Quote from Xicross

    I'll miss the druid myself, lol. But they did say you'll run into the apprentice of one of the former heroes. Not sure if he'll just be a "pale" imitation of what once was, see what I did there? Pale =D

    I'll also miss the Druid as he was my favourite character from Diablo 2. I did read that the Paladin might return in an expansion. I really do hope we run into each of the 7 Heroes from Diablo 2/XP.
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    Quote from falcompsx

    I think its a pretty well accepted fact that the beta is between 1/4 and 1/3 of act 1. Definately less than half of it. Content wise its similar to killing blood raven in D2, which is well before what i would consider the half way point of act 1.

    I always considered saving Cain was the halfway mark of Act 1. I haven't played the beta for Diablo 3 but from what i gather its probably less than half of the first Act... probably not even a third of act 1 but i guess we'll wait and see?
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    I remember reading about this awhile ago. I was a little surprised but i guess its a nice throw back to the original game. I'm hoping he's as much as a challenge as he was during Diablo 1 lol. Remember all the fun times of saving my game before opening the door to his dungeon and then running like hell!
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    Very nice map you have there. I'm going to frame the world map that came with my Book of Cain.
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    Recommended specs are looking good. As im building a new PC (i5 2500k) system this week! I really look forward to playing the game (whenever that drops). I was lucky enough to play the Diablo II beta before that was released with the Barbarian character running around the wilderness not knowing what to do.

    Looking forward to running the game on max graphics :D
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    After reading Jay Wilsons latest update. I get the feeling we'll get a Diablo 3 release by the end of March. What do you guys think?
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