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    Hmm, Jade WD could be a good RG/Trash killing build with it's insane DOT buff. and UE could become a good trash killer at high levels with it's buff. though, the meta might shift to all LoN. But, we just have to wait and see.

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    At this point, the easiest solo class (imo) would be the Demon Hunter, fast an does lots of damage.

    Another one would be the Crusader, with a good end game, but slow to farm with.

    My personal favorite is the barbarian; With a lot of diverse sets, from jumping to spinning if you like to switch up your style and still be a DPS machine a barb is great! though, leveling is a bit of a pain with him though as he isn't very powerful to start with.

    If you like a huge army, a witch doctor would be great, as you can have tones of minions follow and attack, if that's your thing.

    The Necro is just bad, don't play him/her.

    And the wizard, is a glass cannon, dies very quickly but can teleport an does insane dps, solo and grouped.

    So, it's up to you! all classes can be viable and fun, it just is preference and (as you can see) I like barb so It's slightly biased and, I hate necro (bc it's just a wizard with like skeletons.) But If you use the necro the inarious set is quite tanky.

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