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    Hmm, Jade WD could be a good RG/Trash killing build with it's insane DOT buff. and UE could become a good trash killer at high levels with it's buff. though, the meta might shift to all LoN. But, we just have to wait and see.

    UE has nowehere near the damage of Tal or Firebirds Star Pact wizard, I even saw LoN Star Pact wizard, like not even remotely close even after UE buffs and that's because of the ridiculous Star Pact multipliers you can add up. The only place I can see DH is as boss killer using Shadow Set and even there Necro is probably still stronger.

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    Well, that mostly depends on your class and build you pick, but you should be able to clear ~85-90 grfit at 1100 paragon with any build. As a necro I did gr 102 at slightly over 1k paragon level, as you said lvl70 is far too low. You should be able to clear lvl70 almost right away as you get your 6p bonus with one or two extra multipliers.

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