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    posted a message on Thorns/Akkhan Blessed Shield build...100% damage reduction???

    I'm currently working on a Thorns/Akkhan hybrid for S16 using Blessed Shield as my main skill. With the RoG buff I have the 4pc bonus from Thorns set and 6pc bonus from Akkhan set.

    Both bonuses tooltip shows 50% damage reduction given certain critera... Thorns offers 50% damage reduction for 20 secs after Bombardment hits an enemy and Akkhans offers 50% damage reduction while Akarats Champion is active.

    Does this mean when I have both buffs active I have 100% damage reduction? This build will be my progression build for this season so I'd really appreciate comment from the theory crafting community

    Posted in: Crusader: The Church of Zakarum
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