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    Quote from LeQuack»

    who realy cares when they buffed redicules numbers to try satisfy us after the blizzcon event?

    whoever desided that '' hey let us buff the sets with rediucles amounts to please the players '' should be fired.

    the game isnt more fun even if you made the dmg bonus 999.999%.
    the fun part is to just have a change of the skill set and to change the balance of the meta like Znecro maybe wont be the meta but suddently charge barb and support crusader in 4 player was a thing.

    such things is exciteing not just buffed up random numbers on sets to make it even harder to see the dmg we actualy deal, the dmg should be scaled down to 1 dmg up to a max of 999k so we could actualy see the dmg we do.

    Well im sorry but i disagree with parts of what you say. The main thing i disagree with.... This WILL drastically change the meta. Yes for speed Gem Ups rat will likely stay the strongest but in regards to actual pushing im thinking stuff like the punch monk will be back due to the MASSIVE buffs to the raiments set. No current meta sets have been buffed. Necros got no changes other than minor buffs to the tra gouls set (however you spell that) and the firebirds wiz didnt get much of a buff if i remember correctly.

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