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    I strongly believe that WoW and Diablo have different core player bases... Yes a fair amount of Diablo players also play WoW but to say that when released, Diablo 3 will mean the end of WoW I think is great exaggeration! They say that every high profile MMO or RPG game when they come out will kill WoW. WoW is still around and unless Blizzard pulls the plug on their servers, it will still be here for a few years more. Even if Blizzard released another MMO in, say, the Starcraft universe, WoW would still remain. Finally, I think that the product which has the most potential to break or reinvigorate WoW is it's own upcoming expansion...
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    I don't see these requirements being so high. Why should they be reduced? If they manage to reduce these requirements before release, I might be scared for the final game and how good it will look. I mean we are pretty much all above those requirements nowadays.
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