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    posted a message on DiabloFans says farewell. Let's celebrate the good old times once more!

    First of all - a massive thank you to everyone. The admins, the mods, the newswriters and the community! You were all awesome!

    Secondly... Let's face it - this was bound to happen. With Diablo 3 on life support, I imagine a lot of people expected some real Diablo news at Blizzcon. What we got was a mobile game - an announcement that to many, including myself, felt like a huge kick in the balls. Now that the emotions have finally cooled down, I imagine quite a lot of people simply gave up on Diablo and walked away from the franchise.

    I'm not going to sugarcoat it - Diablo Immortal was the final nail in this site's coffin. I'm not saying it's going to be a bad game or that it's going to flop - in fact, regardless of how good it is, I strongly believe it will be a massive financial success, but the amount of damage Immortal's announcement has done to the existing Diablo fanbase is staggering and the whole thing will definetely be remembered as one of the biggest Blizzard PR blunders in history.

    And to be perfectly honest, I don't have high hopes for Diablo - hell, I'm close to not having any hopes at all, but I'm willing to give Blizzard one last chance - I'm going to wait and see what "other Diablo projects" they supposedly have in the works. Some part of me wishes that they reveal a truly marvelous D4, but if all they have to show is more mobile, insignificant patches, remasters or non-PC-gaming products, this might as well be the year where I finally give up on Diablo, forever.

    Truth be told, I'm scared - scared of knowing what they have in store, because a part of me still hopes they will turn it around and I'm afraid that this naive part of me will once again get burned. It's sad that I won't have this site and its awesome community to lean on as this scary reveal draws closer.

    I think Diablofans deserved a couple more months - just to wait and see what this year brings and if the announcements we were promised are any good or not, Because - as I've said, I hope that Blizzard can somehow turn this around and that this site might yet return.

    So... Fellow Diablo Fans, may we meet again one day. See ya'! :-)

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