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    Nothing changed from the original? Again lazy changes from the devs. Give some meaningful changes to the game please or give us information on what's coming in the future. This doesn't give me much hope.

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    You know when games are ending service and they just buff things to the moon. That's what this seems like to me. If that's all they are doing, just crap. The community manager said some cool stuff is coming for season 16, im still waiting. Why dont you just have your minion pick up the essences, dust, etc. Not even that... quality of life changes is to tell us diablo 4 is coming officially then I'll believe this dumpster fire of patch.

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    11 days without another news post, that's the hell we are in with Diablo. immortal dropped their stock 7% (big hint) then financials dropped it another 11% (huge hint) your not listening to your fan base. in a few videos its mentioned that Blizzcon could have been alright for Diablo if they had announced season 16 changes along immortal, or a Diablo 4 sign to give everyone hope. none of that, they are basically working on it but not actually going on the stand and saying so. Blizzard was a great company. The best thing in my mind of Blizzcon was Ashe for overwatch, it was announced very well with big daddy Jeff hinting at more characters and being playful with the announcement. he was having fun and had my whole attention which is great, the rest of it was dev's that didn't want to be there forced to talk about things they didn't want to talk about and the stuff they wanted to talk about they couldn't. the "you guys have phones right" blew me away at the arrogance of it not to mention they have no clue. My logic here is Hearthstone came out and made a'lot of money so they saw that and went, how can we do this again with one of our other franchises easily... shareholders over gamers, blizzard says its about gamers and they are gamers.. no your not, you were but not anymore. go back to the basics and make great games like you have done in the past, since you guys sold out to activision its all about shareholders. focus on games YOU (blizzard) want to make and the money for the shareholders will come. that goes for bungie as well bcaus forsaken fell on deaf ears, destiny 2 is alright but its a halo game re-skined. make a massive open world, scaling fireteam difficulty to how many are in the team, so you can play with more then 3 cause i play with 5, two always have to do something else. cut down on the damn planets! too many loading screens, i have m.2 ssds and it takes fooooorever to load into places especially crucible. sorry about bungie, its just a activision/blizzard rant. black ops 4 is a pig with different lipstick, gets old.

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