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    Reuse the Campaign in some way it's a huge amount of unused content, maybe let it scale like GRs do with similar rewards? I loved a lot of the boss battles and what not and wish there was a challenging, rewarding version of it.

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    Just watch that, gives you a nice lil list of builds. LoN is in the lead for a lot of classes, albeit only slightly. I do feel like there moving towards the idea of sets being a stepping stone and using LoN to add more value to collecting ancients which personally I feel adds new life to the game given how quickly they give you your set now.

    Sets are still relevant because you've gotta do a fair bit of farming to have a full ancient set, and depending on the class you pick you may not be swapping until every slot is ancient. I expect soon they'll try to bring sets up to match LoN but I hope they don't as LoN is significantly hardly to get a full set for and as such deserves to be the next tier in power.

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    So I see a lot of people arguing "how can you be so against a game that isn't even out yet", but the problem isn't the game itself. Diablo Mobile could be kinda fun, and it makes sense from a organisation PoV because it's an untapped market if u get a good game in that genre on mobile. The problem is the delivery.

    So first, we've got the fact they clearly and intentionally hyped up a Diablo announcement with tweets, videos and making it first in line on the main stage. Sure this got downplayed a little, nobody expected D4 but it was still hyped. Second we've got Blizzcon, which is a place their fans go to some of which pay thousands to get to... Blizzard fans are prominently PC gamers, because thats where their games are and most PC gamers are of a more "hardcore" variant as such not really into mobile games (and even if they was, it wouldn't be at the forefront of there desires).

    Ok, so we've got a bunch of hyped up PC gamers spending thousands to go support there favourite dev and what does the dev do... It announces a mobile game. How out of touch with your audience do you have to be to think this is a good idea? To think the reaction is going to be good? To think this is what the people want? They even said it on stage "we're trying to reach new audiences". Well that's great, but you DON'T do that in a convention that is filled with your current audience that spent thousands to go there.... You do that outside of these conventions.

    So this leaves 2 questions....

    1. Is Blizzard so ludicrously out of touch with it's audience that it genuinely thought announcing a mobile game in this situation was a good move.

    2. Does Blizzard are so little about it's current audience/Diablo in general that it knew this would be the reaction and did it anyway?

    Either way you look at it, this is bad.


    Mobile game isn't the problem, the delivery and the concerns that brings regarding the company are.

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