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    After the extremely sad Blizzcon for Diablo fans, I cant help but think that they are pretty much officially done with Diablo 3. I'm guessing if they even had a slightest idea of something new for diablo 3, they would have mentioned it. So if Blizzard isn't interested in supporting their game anymore, why not open it up to the fans, that care about the game. Even if it just on PC, like the mod support for skyrim or fallout that started only on PC.

    I'm sure we, the community, will get a blue post in a week about them "Caring about diablo, and that we still appreciate the fan that made the game the giant it is today...." Post, but unfortunately actions speak louder then words.

    I really am curious about how people think about moving the franchise forward. Rather then sitting back and being mad at their announcement. I'm also very upset about the direction they are taking things at this current moment, and I know it seems like they don't read anything posted online, but it doesn't hurt to chat about it.

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