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    There is a lot of discussion, arguments and suggestions relating to Primal Ancients and Blizzard has Ideas on making them more interesting as do I. As a 5 year member of Diablo Fans and lurking prior to that I've seen some awesome threads and some incredible photoshop skills come into play when a few people with a few good ideas come together and that's where the basis of my suggestions come from.

    I personally like primal ancients, the idea of another step up, adding grinding on top of grinding and in my opinion that is Diablo but I also believe that they should be more than a % increases in number ranges and a few way to simply tweak them, add some flavor or spice to the items are listed below.

    • Visual differences in-game i.e. different colored glowing effects, cosmetic variations of the normal Legendaries to add some eye candy. Not making these new appearances transmogrifiable (?) will give a way to show off or running into somebody with that Golden Wand of Woh or a Primal Tals set giving off an angelic aura will inspire you to set out on a new adventure to look as awesome as they do.
    • Adding an extra primary or secondary attribute to the armor and weapons unique to primal ancients but not game-breaking OP abilities or stats. Some examples of this could be as simple as a permanent XP bonus or more exciting such as a randomly selected ability on primal weapons / armor such as the first attack on elites slows their movespeed by %15 for 2 seconds, killing an elite pack grants you %100 more gold, after being hit by a champion or elite ability they're stunned for 1 second, after reviving move through enemies unhindered for 1 second, after reviving nearby enemies are stunned for 1 second, elites and champions also drop 5 blood shards, elites and champions also drop bonus crafting materials, and many more to chose from specific to weapons or armor that can not be enchanted that also do not dramatically effect gameplay. Attributes such as stunning enemies would not stack but bonus mats and blood shards would adding some variation. Getting that well rolled primal would be exciting then to read "Awesome, elites drop some blood shards too!"
    • Adding another layer of depth into these items may be difficult but an ability to "level up" primal ancients all on their own could be another cool aspect with minor rewards such as "per level primal ancients draw closer to perfect stats" if you got a really good primal ancient with the perfect attributes but terrible rolls the item would start at level 0. you can reroll one attribute through the mystic as per usual but the ability to level up the item as you play could but the rolls up ever-so-slightly towards perfect. In example I find a primal ancient balefire caster. Damage is good. Rolled everything I want but the dex is as low as possible. Usable, definitely. Now this item levels up very slowly, with every level it adds automatically adds to the dex. Lets say items can be leveled 100 times. 1 dex per level. Not game breaking and sure it adds more grind but unless you were perfectly geared you wouldn't specifically grind XP just to get 100 dex but using the item over time draws it closer to being perfect.
    • Combining the two ideas of leveling Primal Ancients along-side the specific primal ancient attributes, at a certain level you could select the attribute you want for your Primal as it slowly and progressively levels with the item. For example, you've leveled your primal ancient to 10. I want more blood shards starting at 3 blood shards from every elite pack, every 30 levels on the item it adds 1 more shard for a total of 6 blood shards per pack killed stacking alongside other primal ancients. I believe minor things like this will add some fun and depth, nothing game changing, but something else fun to strive for.
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    Haven't seen anything myself but with higher rolls on level 70 legendaries you could replace it. Maybe still losing some DPS but worth it in the end.
    A few that would be possible:

    Level 70 witching hour - %5-6 attack speed, 26-28 CD

    Hellcat waistguard - 5-6 attack speed, elite dmg

    Fleeting strap - 5-7 attack speed

    Thundergods Vigor - 10-15% lightning dmg, blocking dodging or being hit procs charged bolts for 100-130% weapon dmg

    Harrington Waistguard - Opening a chest gives you 100-135% increased dmg for 10 seconds (very powerful as stones on the ground, dead bodies, chests etc all count for this ability)
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    When I heard the whole "bring your usb to a friends" thing, instantly I thought borderlands. Whether it's shortly after when the game comes out or a few months along, there will be a way to modify items and eventually there may be some sort of extensive program like certain mods for D2 or willow tree from borderlands to manipulate items, skills or various other things for example making a character level 500 or even making "legit" items that would dilute the actual items that have been found.

    In the end It will happen and it will be your choice to do it or not and right off the bat I know there will be people copying their character trading off items or gold, then reloading their character duping it, rinse repeat and in an hour you go from 10k to 10b making any sort of D2JSP or trading for gold almost worthless if enough people do it then the second that 1 godly item is found. It will most likely be duped and traded off.

    EDIT: In reply to competitiveness, I wish every game had a leaderboards, detailed statistics a ladder or something along those lines. Even a non-competitive game with leaderboards instantly equals more fun for me. Prolonged gameplay and something else to strive for when I'm bored of farming and doesn't add any downside to other players. There will always be cheaters, booster, bots, hackers and scammers. I just wish it wasn't as easy as it is now. I log in and always have several requests from bots advertising websites and if that is being done as often as it is imagine what the people 1 or 2 steps ahead of patches are doing?
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    Quote from Bleu42

    I like the idea of a separate tab just for the armor look. It covers two key areas; You have to hunt for the armor for the look (was probably a given anyway), AND it doesn't eat up precious stash space, because it would be on your toon in the other tab.

    I'll +1 you even if it's not completely original, because I'd love this feature implemented this way =)

    Thank you lol, I'm not going for credit or originality it's just my take on something thhat'd be nice to see. They could even put some sort of stipulation to make you have to meet some requirements to actually acquire the ability to have a cosmetic tab. Something obtainable obviously. I'm not at all familiar with the WoW trans. because I've never made it past level 40. I just couldn't get into it but I'm sure if it's a popular and has positive feedback with the millions of WoW players it couldn't be a terrible idea. I'm not saying anything against anybody (honestly) but usually people with negative feedback post and complain, people with positive either are too busy playing the game or games or don't have a reason to reply.

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from fixD3

    This is mind boggling. So you are saying they have the development and design experienced needed to implement this into the game, because they have already done it, but its just "too hard".

    Or are you saying that adding this will make it more like the other game?
    Well then why did they include yellow quest markers, male and female classes, achievements, damage numbers, hp bars, ect. ect.

    Because these aren't WoW features just because they are in WoW, they are just features. Saying, "NO DON'T MAKE IT LIKE WOW" is foolish since WoW took many of its features from Diablo 2.

    People want to see features from other games because, gosh, they are fun... But hey, I'm just a troll so discount my opinion and points.
    People seriously need to learn how to read.

    I never said I don't want transmog because it's a WoW feature. But quite a few people do (you can check the official forums for that).

    Also, it's remembered as a "WoW feature" because WoW is a very popular game, and as far as I remember one of the first big titles to implement such system (I wouldn't know for sure though). Dislike it as much as you want, but people don't want features from what's seen as a more "casual" and "cartoony" mmorpg (other people's words, not mine - I don't care about having features from WoW).

    I've been an avid defender of having a Transmog-like feature in D3 in all of my past posts, so get your facts together and try to understand the basic idea behind someone else's text before pointing fingers like that.

    And yes, implementing something major like that IS hard. You can read my post and Jaetch's again to find out why.

    I don't have a direct response to your comment besides respect. You respond and comment very well in a more respective and informative manner. I've seen you around the forums now and before and appreciate the comments, feedback or just your responses in general.
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    To start off the idea I'm about to present is one I've gotten from a game called Terraria. In this game you have your armor that actually benefits you then a separate set of armor that only effects the visuals. I feel like this could easily be implemented into diablo with a tab under your inventory where you can equip your aesthetic only gear. For example you could be wearing a Mempo and not like the look but mayb you love the way the full set of i63 armor looks and equip that full set instead with your choice of dyes on them.

    If I had more time I would photoshop an image to give you a visual on how I imagine this working but for all of you who've played diablo 2 imagine it being like weapon switching, or switching stash tabs except with gear that only effects the way you look. Maybe not implementing this on weapons themselves because making a sword look like a spear just seems kind of "off".

    Disclaimer: I did no research to see if any ideas like this have been thrown around before but I haven't come across any and if somebody has posted on this before they deserve all credit.

    Quote from Aranoch

    So I hate comparing games to other games because there's always two responses.
    A. This isn't ____ ! If you like it so much go play it type attitude or..
    B. Diablo 3 sucks that game is so much better / That's what Diablo 3 should have been.

    So to clear the air before hand I love Diablo 3. Its amazing and I like it more than Path Of Exile (Which is also a great game) but It would still be cool if they used the same basic or altered idea to fit their needs with weapon, armor skins and skill skins like they use in their microtransaction style shop thing. I really like that idea of not only using a cool looking skill but changing the color or giving your helmet a cool spiritual aura, a halo, demon horns, or make your monks wave of light go from a bell to a boulder dropping down would be amazing and it alone would add tons of customization and with the creative juices blizzard has the potential for some incredible and widely varying skins. Although I can see this being a much more intricate process to actually get into the game.

    EDIT: Added the above quote from a more recent comment with another customization idea.
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    I just think there should be a console forum category implemented so people can start theory crafting and there can be stickies to include all information relating to the console version to answer any questions or be a go to for any info on it such as there will be NO auction house and topics to theory craft or how-tos adjusting for game differences/changes from PC to console. I would definitely like to see this since I will be getting it for console as well.
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    Quote from Achroous

    Quote from Aranoch

    Quote from Dark_sign

    Subbed to your youtube channel :) you got some good material there to pass time while waiting for the release and the signatures are really nice looking. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks :D
    I actually just uploaded videos of all the newly released skill videos.

    Btw, have you finished the female monk that Eraphocis posted :) would be cool the get it with my username :) and I'm Dark_sign, i just changed my username because i haven't used that for an year.

    Thx for your time :)

    I'll make it for you tomorrow morning (: sorry for the wait I've been pretty busy.
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    Quote from Brightsiide

    Why do you think it took so long for hell to invade? It is ofcourse Diablos diet. Didn't wanna show himself to Sanctuary still beeing fat.

    So the game was delayed so Diablo could do some jogging? :P
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    Quote from UberN00b

    Quote from nemesis2252

    eh. most are just an area cut out of larger pics with text added. when i saw this thread i thought it was the ressurected diablo fans build sigs.

    You must be an expert on graphic design then, eh? wtf are you doing hanging around a Diablo 3 forum critiquing someone else's work instead of hanging with the Graphics pros over at GDF or Estetica or something? Yeah, stfu chump...

    Lol, it's not a big deal. There's always people who look down on other peoples work.
    But I think what I've done here is
    1) great for people who can't or don't know how to make their own
    2) I only made 3 signatures before this thread and I feel I'm doing just fine.
    3) Whether these are simple or not, they're time consuming and it's clearly not as easy as he says otherwise his sig would be much better and everybody on every forum would have cool signatures too.

    So in the end I like what I've done here and that's all I care about.
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    Quote from Dark_sign

    I'm just hoping that there's some sort of plot twist that relates to Diablo's "new" appearence :D something like him fusing with Lilith so that Lilith can take her revenge :)

    Yeah, I really hope they do and I'm really excited to find out.
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