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    I absolutely agree with the game going back to a darker atmosphere again. I think reaper of souls was more diablo than the whole base game of diablo 3. I also really liked the event every new year to be able to go back and play through diablo 1's story. Hellgate London i believe could have truly been more like what you're describing like the witcher series almost losing the top down view, and i wished hellgate had juust been created with more of a dev team and not wandered into the p2w and sub features. I understand why with it being such a small group of diablo devs working on it, but it did had that dark atmoshpere and playing it gives me more of a feel for diablo than diablo 3. diablo 3's atmoshpere alone, really saddened me. I also agree that having the nephalem be the ultimate boss is ehh, almost lazy. I would like to see the Real diablo, not the beings that were corrupted by the soulstone, but actual diablo somehow using a vessell of his own not another humans. I would love more than anything to see mephisto and baal return also, they were imo so much more memorable than those in diablo 3. Remember back in 2008 when they released gameplay for diablo 3? when it still looked dark? a barbarian fighting a siegebreaker in a graveyard, and when you killed him portals of hell opened everywhere and out came tons of enemies? thats what ilook forward too. Runes for gear also gave diablo 2 its replayability, because being able to have other classes use skills outside of their own trees becamse more popular in most cases than their own skills. assasins using ww, almost all builds using teleport from enigma. Skill trees i believe are a better option than just everyone having the same base skill dmg but whoever has the better wapon does more damage with the skill? ehh thats not really all that great, i started seeing wizards using 2handed axes/weapons just to get the msot out of their dps when it should be skill based.Whther diablo 4 is a game based on the future or the past, i just hope they give us all of our beloved characters, and set the mood back to what diablo truly was until 3, thrilling, horror, exploration, (hopefully more so in a new game) and i hope to the heavens they do something about the launch lol.

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