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    posted a message on Pimp this Barb [500M budget for upgrades]
    want to paragon grind - just go mp10 core and kill just packs of white monsters (crawlers) with rend (instead of warcry). 5-10 min per run more then 100 mil xp/h.
    Want legendaryes? just go to the keep as well. 5-10 leg/hour :) just that 95% are brimstones. :)

    just as usual, sprint, ww, rend - move to next pack.
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    posted a message on Just found a Legendary...
    Quote from Siima

    i got a legendary once by bitchslapping a treasure gobo. he threw it to the ground and ran away.

    got that one too - all i need now is a resplendent legendary. should of been an achievement made for this :)
    also from bosses - i got legendary only from ubers not the usual quest encounter - but that's maybe because i skip all events when farming act 2 or 3.

    the most memorable legendary drops (not because of the quality of the items) were
    - the 2 instances when 2 legendaries dropped from a single monster - the double pillars of light are awesome
    - the goblin bitchslapping - quite funny actually
    - starting an alkayzer run and the first creeper in the core from the azmodan entrance dropped a legendary
    - a casual run with some friends on mp5 - fastfarm act 3 - 6 legendaryes in 10 minutes - best run ever (the top after that is 3 legendaryes for a full act 3 clear).
    - and of course the barrel encounter - just walked through a group o barrels with my firewalkers and the thing dropped.
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    posted a message on Just found a Legendary...
    anybody found legendary in resplendant? it has eluded me so far. i found legendaryes from anything but a resplendant...
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    posted a message on I am rich now! woot - need gear advice
    lol - see the prt scr - 15-19 you had at least 1.400.000 gold - for the 3 purchases... :)

    anyway nice find and good cash involved - seems pretty much for me - as it is not trifecta and 1.0.7 is arround the corner - but who knows.

    have fun spending them :) and make sure you put other stuff for sale as well and do not count on everything is said on general chat :) now you know why. Verify yourself.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3's shortcomings - Itemized with details
    ok, so my opinion point to point:
    1. i find the items ok - yellows I mean. before the legendary buff the market was ok for yellows. one could easily find a yellow upgrade and almost all yellows were worth picking up and identifying them. the problem i think came with the legendary buff. i'm ok with the legendary drop rate but it the problems are:
    - there are some legendaries that are a must - like manticore, mempo, echoing fury and few others.
    - weapons with crit damage and socket - the only way to get higher then 100k dps.
    - the only 2 hand viable - skorn
    - no shield viable
    - no yellow sources or WD offhand. only legendaryes.
    That is why AH is now moving only for the hands and jewelery yellows.
    By the way AH is a wonderful tool to see game itemization flaws.
    So as a nerf is impossible - maybe a little buff to the yellows is in order - and the best thing to do here is with BOA crafting yellows. For me it would be the answer. Would give a + to the yellow in order to make them capable of reaching Legendary status, would make me farm for materials, and I would feel good about a personalized item - being BOA and all. I would affect AH - but i'm not playing for the AH

    2. Character investment: I like this system... - if i see a new build i can try it in minutes and have hours trying to make it work for me... not having (not liking) to work a few hours in order to be able to try it. The game is supposed to be fun - not taxing me for trying to have fun and making me do stuff i dislike - like leveling 6 barbs in order to keep 5 naked (it would be pointless to invest in 6 gears and cruel to make items BOA across the board).
    If you like leveling - try hardcore... that would make you level countless characters. even if you make it to 60 - farming inferno HC is a constant roulette, quite challenging...

    3. the social system now is ok by me - this is diablo not WW. i like to hack and slash monsters. for chatting i have a background skype . again - if i want a public game i can join one. If i want something specific i ask it in general chat. (ex: uber runs). the single problem i see is that now if i want to play with 1-3 friends i am punished by loosing some buffs - the follower buffs. Like xp and MF bonuses... so i am more likely to play alone then with friends in order to achieve 100 paragon faster and have higher MF. this should be fixed somehow.

    4. that's kinda good. thus the players base is higher... in D2 hearing of a girl playing diablo was WOW. now it is common - because of the simplicity of choosing gear, build, a weapon is usually a weapon and so on. indeed for a dedicated player detail matter but i find there are plenty of details out there... like you must be quite dedicated in order to understand how a ww barb or CM wizard works... I know there are plenty who hear about a build - but there is little bit of difference between choosing 2-3 skills/runes and making a build work well. I've seen plenty barbs with WW and sprint on the bar that did not make them WW barbs... on more then one occasion when playing with these kind of strangers i hat to teach them about the tornadoes, the attacks per second and their importance, about how to keep up a WOTB, how to gain and to spend fury... and so on.
    There are also details that are rendered futile - like the "rest in pieces" bonus that would be great but is on usually brimstone legendaries.

    5. ok with all that about the story. seems dull to me - could of done a better job there. and i still do not like the checkpoints system...

    6. ok with this too. cool maps but way to static. i understood their randomization principle - but having kinda fixed entry and exit points cuts the now implemented to almost zero. first thing to change here is make entry and exit really random. and the maps could use some more randomization... blizz should really make us work for that exit :) Also maps should have more monsters (they know and want to do something about this) make me work for the exit and not just run in the general direction i know it is killing a few monsters in the way... (remember the ice caves in d2 )

    7. AH is ok with me...first it regulets a market that would still exist if AH would of not been developed. I feel ok and safe to trade in Blizz ah then on forums and third party sites. If you were blizz why would you accept for others make real money with you game when you could make them and make players feel safe at the same time, and making those who benefit from selling good stuff they find and do not need bigger? I for one without AH i would never buy or sell from third party. others would and so the player base would be split between those benefiting from it and those in real disadvantage from not doing it.
    And the thrill of the find it is still there. most of my items are found because i would rarely sell my item and give 1-2 mil in order to get a marginal increase. i use ah only for a good increase in stats (or different build gear) and for selling good stuff that i would not use. Why not. I also made dome eru on rmah - enough to cover my d3 license an probably one or two expansions as well ... so ah is good for me.

    8. Yep - could of been a little darker... i liked the scrapped artwork better but that's life - i like how it is as well. the details are impressive nonetheless.

    9. agree as well. i remember the first time d3 was news it was about 5 years before release and the news was that blizz started recording d3 music with the Moscow choir. And that sounded impressive. Now the music for me in D3 is almost nonexistent - maybe i have the settings wrong but this part says nothing to me.

    10. i don't see your point here... comparing to d2? your point is moot... i play at least 2 hours daily on a single char from the 2nd hour of release ( :) remembre the release night? :) ) with leoric, hellfire ring, helm soket and folower hellfire - and i'm just 81 (ww barb :) )... i know i'm not using the ww barb at it's fulles (no wotb and no short runs - i like clearing act 3 at least 80%). So almost a year of playing and still not 100% - now that is a game. in d2 lvl 90 was a matter of days... not to mention that after lvl 70/80 one would simply outmatch all content and the chalange was zero... now that's overdoing it with rewards...
    At least now i can relax on mp0 blowing things up - or go to mp7 ubers to get my ass..ets whooped bigtime regardless of my paragon.

    11. allready talked about it above....

    have a nice day

    p.s. i had to cut down on emoticons so hope you see/imagine my lol's here and there.
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    posted a message on Marquise Gem - Account Bound
    It's a small step gold sink wise and a small step crafting wise.

    also gives a + feeling for the premium through the price involved and a true feeling of a eng gear through the bind on account.

    just like it was uber cool in d2 to name a weapon with the name you chose ... now you can have you preferred weapon with a bound on account marquise in it... so everybody knows your permanent investment..
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    posted a message on Millions and millions of gold....
    i just play the game - act 2 or 3 runs - and an occasional uber run with whoever i find in general chat.
    i started by playing on mp 5 - until at paragon 15 i started listening to others... i changed some of my gear (speed maynly) and started doing act 3 runs (some kind of alk runs). when i reached paragon 50 i was able to upgrade my runs to mp1 and now at plvl 70 i run mp2... with no loss on speed....

    regarding money - money is not my goal - i play for the fun of blowing monsters up and for the thrill of the legendary/set ray shooting upwards...

    usual i gather about 150.000 gold/run. so just playing should get you some money... i remember pre 1.0.4 when i had to farm act 2 quite a while until i had enough to buy the minimum gear for act 3. now with 1.5 mil with the barb you can survive mp5 - and blow through mp0.

    also occasionally a good drop comes - 2-3 months ago a good drop was anything that had the potential to sell with more then 50k. now i reached a point where i list only items with at least 1mil and maybe once a day i sell an item. usually the sells are in the 1-5 mil range - but now and then a 10-15-20 mil sale arises - a good day - even if is once a month....

    never had a 50+ mil sale - only one - pre 1.0.3 i sold some barb shoulders from 170 eur on rmah (and only 2-3 sales of 2 eur from that one).

    so just play for the fun of it - put on the ah what you do not use and might sell and the money will come - not the 100+ mil like - but they will slowly gather and also you will get some drops for you as well.
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    posted a message on Quest or grind.
    for speed i prefer boots and pants (inna's) - as for the boots you have multiple choices - including yellows - so cheap to find and also inna's gets you 8=9% atack speed and 1 crit chance - for mp0-2 are the best as you do not need the resist but the speed and dps...

    thus on the bracers you can keep crit chance and maybe magic find...
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    posted a message on Where can i get some lifesteal?
    No - only barbs can get life steal from belt and from a passive and wizard has life steal on a rune from the blades spell.
    Monks only life steal on weapons - so you either have tons of gold to get a skorn with life steal or you go with 2 - 1 hand weapons. usually one with life steal and lower dps for the offhand and one with as high dps as possible for main hand. both with dex, crit hit damage and soket. from here you can diversify - maybe no crit dmg but attack speed on one... it all depends on the budget, what you can get at one moment on the ah (preferably scout at least a week for the items) - there is room for many combinations at the 2 - 1 hand weapons - that is nowadays the greatest room for transactions on the ah...
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    posted a message on Exactly how i feel about D3
    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    What's the point of any video game? To make you spend money, sit on your ass, and push buttons until you eventually bore of it. Then rinse and repeat. How is D3 different from any other game you've experienced with the same thesis: spend money, sit on your ass, and push buttons?

    It's different - i make money through D3 :). this while having a dayle hour or two of fun crushing monsters in mp0-3 and occasionally farming some organs when i feel i need the challenge of mp 6-7.
    so all in all the changes so far were good to me, though i am as eager as all of you to see pvp.
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    posted a message on frustrated
    :) paragon 71 - with full mf (400-425 i think) and only one in 3 alk runs gives me a legendary (maybe 2 if lucky - and ofcourse only 1 in 10 legendaryes if worh more then the brimstone). so in order to be rewarded more you must do the following two things - speed up the runs and have more MF (gear and/or plvl)... its rng - but increasing the chances works.

    quick hints:
    - go down to mp0 - act3 if necessary to increase speed
    - see if you cannot keep some of the good items in the stash for higher mp/uber runs and get some %speed and %mf on cheap gear that does not affect the run speed/dps too much (farming gear)
    - put mf on follower - rings go to 16-18 mf each i believe, amulet goes to 46 and main hand for a sorceress also can be a sun keeper (and another staff i forgot the name) with 40+ mf. So A LOT of mf gain on that alone.

    For fast paragon leveling you must know the basis.
    - hellfire ring - pretty easy to grab a crappy one - just make a couple of tomes from keys and watch the general chat. there are plenty of players that will team up in order to get 3 tomes from 3 players for a mp 6-7 run at ubers. Three to six runs like that and you will have your hellfire ring.
    - leoric signet - it got really cheap - 13 million for a 20-22% xp boost right now.
    - head socket - 27-29% xp ruby is quite cheap - and in a mempo of twilight is most common.
    - cain set - just search the official forum for the names - if you really want to go full xp gear.
    - also xp on follower - rings mostly - a hellfire - and if you have the money a signet for the follower as well
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    posted a message on Must upgrade my Barb(100m budget)
    you've got a nice budget... and do have points to improve...

    first that the stats you've written above are buffed stats (dps, ar, armor).

    you seem to lack base stats - strength and vitality are quite low... should be at least 30-35k life and 2000 str.
    movement speed and attacks/s are ok. crit hit chance is rather low in order to benefit of the 500% crit hit damage.

    one option would be to switch that nice belt for a IK belt - it would give you all res, life leach and the set bonus. thus you might drop bloodthirst for tough as nails for a big increase in defenses (80 all res+ the pasive bonus)

    also the two weapons are low on main stats - at least the offhand should have some nice stats, i had a mace once with 250 str and 250 vit :) (and socket of course)

    also innas are good for the speed for farming mp0-1 if you want the challenge of higher mp try some conservative pants with only str/vit/ar - as much as posibble for all of them :)

    should find some lacunnis with crit chance - don't know the prices now but if you can afford ar as well, would be very nice.
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    posted a message on Would you support splitting the diablo population into servers?
    and just to throw an example on the table economy wise - even on a big market as the actual EU server - there was a Norse player with a topic here on diablo fans bragging about his 6000 eur gain on rmah - and part of his achievement was the fact that at a certain time he bought every high end echoing fury that entered the market in order to keep the price of this type of item at his desired (high) price...
    so - he had a monopole on echoing fury - bad for the market as one had to pay an inflated price.
    in a way bigger market that player should not have had the power to buy all those items. neither one or two players... the market should be so big that it would be free and the price would be regulated by a pure demand and offer.

    the same thing is happening now with leoric signet.... there are maybe 10 players tops that hold most of these items (probably hardcore farmers that ran act 2 normal mp10 milions of times to get them). One can easily spot this fact - there are at least 20 items 18-19mil a piece all posted/reposted at the same time...

    cut the number of players down or servers up and these kind of people would have a better chance at making business at the expense of the average player who gathers money through gameplay to spend on 1 or 2 good items not snipping the ah for countless hours for bargains.

    or maybe Crashhh1 is one of these players having the fun on the ah not the game and is lobbying for better conditions for his type of fun time :)
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    posted a message on Why am i dying a lot?
    first of all i bellieve you are reffering at that you die at mp 7-8.
    it is highly improbable that you die at mp 1-2...

    taking that into consideration:
    - you have a nice dps (136k is not with battle rage and wotb up that is) for LL to work. and you seam to have enough of it.
    - for higher mp one needs high defences - armour/AR - you are quite low. Revert to tough as nails (instead of bloodthirst) and warcry instead of HOTA.

    actually you should choose between two builds - either HOTA build where you should maximize your damage and LL for the HOTA hits... but for higher mp might prove a chalange with bigger mobs - but it is good for uber runs.
    either WW build where you have tough as nails and warcry and beside LL you should get some loh... loh (between 500 and 1000 is enough if coupled with 3-5 LL) and at least 1.8 attacks/second will certainly keep you alive through most mobs in higher mp. and hit wotb for troublesome packs. but as a barbarian expect problems with sucubus packs (and mostly all ranged packs especially if you have the echoing fury) and with the ubers.. magda/zoltan.
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    posted a message on Would you support splitting the diablo population into servers?
    i myself hate the ideea :)

    i would hate to finnaly reach a 100 lvl paragon (which is quite hard to reach - months of gameplay) and have my character in a dead server or a soond to close one because of botters... why should i be punished? terrible idea.
    about replayability - i actually disliked d2 because you had just one or two builds and had to make a new character for it.

    as the game is now if one wants to level another character - is open to do it. if he wants to do it quick - he can through a hellfire ring and mp10. But if someone just wants to play his hard worked character - he can - he can have a challenge through MP system. at the same time i can always try a new build any time. i see a build on a forum i can instantly try it and maybe have fun with it.

    economy wise - the bigger the numbers - the better. small economy it usually plagued by monopole or oligopoly... (an economist speaking).
    botting concerned - D3 is allready split into servers see EU, America, Asia... and that is enough segmentation - the asia servers as expected being the most botted ones as expected... more segmentation would hurt the game as d3 is not as WOW that is an open game and needs a limit to players running around. d3 has no group play - only open games - that can consist of only 4 players, some chat channels, and maybe the future PVP that will as well limited to 4 players (i believe)...

    so i see no upside to servers... ]

    first to paragon 100 really - how many players do you see playing 8-10-12hr a day/daily for some weeks in order to achieve that? you may count them on the fingers of one hand...
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