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    As of right now, the new Loot Goblin amiibo has finally released for the Nintendo Switch! You can get yours by heading over to Gamestop. Here's what they do, and how they work:


    Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)

    In order to scan an an amiibo, first you’ll need to open an amiibo Portal. By default, all characters have an amiibo Portal item available to them in their stash. Activate this item from your inventory to open a Rainbow Portal.



    Scanning the Loot Goblin amiibo will transform this Rainbow Portal into a shimmering golden portal that will take you to The Vault—the mysterious and treasure-filled realm of the Treasure Goblins and their enigmatic Baroness, Greed.



    Scanning any other amiibo can only be done outside of town and will spawn a Champion pack of enemies—a challenging group of monsters with special powers and improved treasure.



    All amiibo can be scanned once per day each, so be sure to take advantage of those extra challenges, loot, and first-class ticket to The Vault as often as you can!
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    The Diablo team have just announced an epic EU Sweepstakes for the holiday season. Those who enter have a chance to win the following prizes:


    • 1x Switch bundle
    • 30x Switch copies of Diablo + Diablo cases
    • 10x Whimsyshire plushes

    You can find all the details, including how to enter, here on the official site. Good luck!

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    According to sources close to Kotaku, Blizzcon didn't go exactly as planned for the Diablo team. Allegedly, they were going to announce that they were working on Diablo 4, but with no concrete vision in place, they pulled the announcement - hence the news post from the official Blizzard/Diablo site:

    "One of those people told me that the Diablo team wasn’t yet ready to commit to an announcement, as Diablo 4 has changed drastically over the past four years and may continue to change further. (We’ve heard it’s gone through at least two different iterations under different directors.)" -- Jason Schreier, Kotaku

    Blizzard has yet to comment on the story, so we cannot confirm whether the sources are correct. Although, if you do read the news post again, they do mention that they aren't ready to announce all of their plans at Blizzcon. Was this it? Hopefully we'll find out soon.



    Kotaku has updated their original article with a correction: Blizzard did NOT plan on announcing Diablo 4 at Blizzcon this past weekend. Here's the statement that they received directly from Blizzard:

    “First off we want to mention that we definitely hear our community. We generally don’t comment on rumors or speculation, but we can say that we didn’t pull any announcements from BlizzCon this year or have plans for other announcements. We do continue to have different teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects, and we look forward to announcing when the time is right.”

     Their sources still confirm that they are working on Diablo 4, but that it still has a long road ahead.

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    While it won't be available until this December, you can go ahead and pre-order the first Diablo 3 Amiibo for Switch: the Loot Goblin! From the description, it looks like this particular Amiibo opens up a portal to riches. What kind of riches? Well, we don't quite know yet, but hopefully we'll hear about the details soon. 

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    Diablo 3 Switch


    We've known since PAX West that Diablo 3 on the Switch would be receiving Amiibo support, but that was all the information we were given. Today, however, rumors on Reddit gleaned from an allegedly datamined leaked version of the game claim that it will initially support three types of Amiibos:


    • Default/Generic Amiibo
    • Treasure Goblin Amiibo
    • Demon Amiibo

    The datamined leak also claims that the first two Amiibos will spawn a portal to a different location, with the last one summoning a powerful demon on the map. All three will also have their own cooldown timers: 22 hours for portals and 45 minutes for demons. It's also rumored that the Amiibos can be used in both online and offline modes.


    Without any official information to determine if these rumors are true, we ask that you take this information with a grain of salt. However, since Blizzcon is just around the corner, it's highly likely that we will receive detailed information regarding Amiibo support then, so keep an eye out!

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