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    So I've been playing Diablo for a year and a half and this is my first guide so forgive my slight differences in opinion to the rest of the people on here

    I'm currently on paragon level 143 and I have the following equipment

    It is imperative that if you're like me you get the entire vyrs set to make sure your archon is at it's best if not then don't even bother looking here

    My stats are as follows

    Damage without the skills I will later mention: 1189k 1619k with skills


    Life per sec: 5458


    Vitality: 4956

    Critical chance :64.30

    Critical hit damage: 408


    Resistancesfire,cold,lightning,poison: 1034 74.71+16.99=91.?? something. Pretty good right? Excuse the question marks doing this off my head just by looking at the screen

    Arcane/holy: 1177 77.08+16.99 94.07

    Physical: 1319. 79.03+16.99 96.02

    Attacks per second:1.60

    Paragons are mainly focused on intelligence, attack speed, life, and life per hit

    Not bragging just a basic break down, there are people that will whip me senseless.

    So it's well known that unless you've got some super speedy gear. wizards can be slow

    I prefer to focus on an arcane boosting build

    So, my skills are as follows

    Magic missile:charged Blast or conflagera i have good arcane boosting gear and fire boosting gear

    Energy armour: pinpoint barrier I choose this to make a small boost to my damage. I prefer it cause my resistances are already freaking high

    Familiar: sparkflint never too much damage ey?

    Magic weapon:force weapon more damage

    Meteor: molten impact although it has a cooldown it isn't that long. And per meteor I do 53 million on impact and a further 10+ million damage per meteor

    Archon: combustion although cause of vyrs set you get everything it's really useful with hordes of enemies and the occasional boss with lackees, but it does require a bit of tuning

    My passives are:

    Glass cannon: I use this to get again boost damage 15%. it may decrease my armour and resistances 10% but as you can see above my resistances are perfect so I prefer the damage boost

    Elemental exposure: with this little booster I like to use my arcane and fire damage so there's a pretty good stack of up to 20% on an enemy great for bosses .more damage. less time wasted on pointless enemies.

    Evocation: cooldown reduction by 20 percent Cooldown reduction is quite possibly the best thing to have, since I didn't think to put it in my equipment i put it here, my meteor is now 12 seconds instead of 15 makes a difference in tight situations archon cooldown is now 80 including the vyrs set bonus which will be explained seconds. Good for when you don't have much of a challenge

    Blur: decrease damage taken by 17 percent I like a good decrease

    So for equipment I have the entire vyrs set and a few other things

    The set bonus for vyrs set is as follows

    Set 2: +500 intelligence good if u want to grow smarter. Koke

    Set 4: archon skill gains every rune. Now this is an absolutely amazing little trick which lets you get all the stuff in archon at once. Can never have to much right ?

    My chest and leg armour have 2 to 3 sockets with flawless royal topaz's in every socket

    Weapon : hallowed baton socketed with flawless royal emerald, +130 percent critical hit damage, boosts fire damage, intelligence and vitality.

    Off hand: cosmic strand socketed with flawless royal topaz it gives me an amazing damage boosts of +344-414 damage, +981 intelligence with topaz, +670 intelligence and +9 percent ciritical hit chance I don't care about the teleport rune thing I don't use it so don't mind it

    Belt : witching horror +500 intelligence, +7 percent attack speed, +37 percent critical hit damage I wish it was more and the rest I don't care about

    Helm: leorics crown: +737 intelligence, +734 Vitality, +6 percent critical hit chance and Bit of physical resistance and area damage which I don't care for

    Amulet: haunt of vaxo: +20 percent fire skill damage love this, +728 intelligence, +59 percent critical hit damage why can't it be more damnit , +10 percent critical hit chance and 2 other irrelevant bonuses

    For the rings I have to rare quality rings which are almost identical: the fang 2 of them +395/+398 intelligence and then the rest is the same, +408 vitality, +49 perentp critical hit damage, +6 percent critical hit chance and a few other things

    Wrists: guardians aversion: +19 percent critical hit damage, +499 intelligence, +492 vitality, +5 percent critical hit chance and a few other bonuses

    Vyrs chest armour: 3 sockets, 1271 intelligence, +1 percent critical hit chance

    And a few other things

    Shpulders: corruption, +434 intelligence, +455 vitality, +14 percent life and a few other things

    Vyrs gauntlets: +652 intelligence, +95 resistances, +34 percent critical hit damage working on it , +9.5 percent critical hit chance

    Legs: vyrs finery: 2 sockets, +1004 intelligence, +494 vitality, +93 resistances

    Feet: vyrs boots: +448 intelligence, +499 vitality and a few other things

    So that's everything

    It's not a basic Guidline to higher level runs. A tip here and there. No tricks about it just hard work. Hunt well

    Notice that I didn't name the vyrs equipment entirely cause I don't know how much space there is

    Enjoy guys

    Hope I helped

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