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    Just tested the top five routes from Rhykker's video on the best Goblin farming routes and I'm happy to say that I got Goblins on nearly every single route. I even found a pair of Menagerist Goblins and Rainbow Gobins. Super happy this works for PS4 as well.

    Here's the top five:

    1. Act 1 - Cathedral Level 2 - Leoric's Passage
    2. Act 3 - Bridge of Korsikk - Caverns of Frost
    3. Act 2 - Ancient Waterway - Eastern and Western Channels levels 1 & 2 (Four in total)
    4. Act 1 - The Royal Crypts
    5. Act 1 - Southern Highlands - Cave of the Moon Clan

    Hopefully everyone will have the same experience when trying these routes!

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    I'm an avid Diablo 3 player from South Africa who's only recently decided to document my PS4 builds.

    Looking forward to using this site a lot more.


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