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    posted a message on D2PK is back!

    The Diablo 2 server made for PvP is back with everything! Come have fun with your friends in the best place to duel.

    Do you want to play?


    Last News:

    - No Pay to Win (NO-P2W)
    - Anti-RedVex System
    - No Crashs
    - Site Account creation System
    - Gameserver's available in several local Regions and Continents (Coming Soon)
    - Championships with Inscriptions and Cash Prizes
    - Site Account linked with Game Account
    - Clan Duel System with Score
    - Installer of the Game/Patch easy to use without spoiling your Original Game
    - Register Gateway and without excluding Battlenet Accesses

    And much more!

    Come try our server!

    GG Duel!


    D2PK Realm


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