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    posted a message on 50-100 mil Budget / Wotb-Uptime / Effectiveness Questions
    Quote from Poring

    Hi I don't know if you're still having issues with WoTB uptime, but since 1.07 came out with its new shiny crafts I lost some resist and life at the expense of a nice dps increase allowing me, combined with life steal, to farm MP5 efficiently.

    I used to be in the exact same situation as you are, and I found that if you want to keep WoTB up there is few things to do:

    - don't pick up anything but archon items - ilvl63 (knowing that what ever can be now crafted isnt realy worth picking up)
    - increase monster power if you kill a pack with 1 WW (just by passing through) without WoTB enabled.
    - managing rage is an other key to keep WoTB up, don't hesitate to spam Battle Rage & Sprint if you find yourself with too much rage, try to always be around 50% of your pool or less if there is a lot of mobs around. You'll see as you walk away even if you leave few mobs up they will keep you WoTB up by running into your tornados.
    Im using bash as a fury generator which helps me keeping WoTB up (big time) when there is a quite area with few mobs or when I run back from a dead end. Just bash mobs while dumping your rage and see your uptime increased ^^

    Thanks to this patch you got the icone when a leg drops so don't be afraid to loose sight of some mobs, just check minimap when you feel it might drop :P
    Also, the experience increase with this patch on higher mp doesnt make it as less efficient as it used to be to farm on higher mp (given that you can kill rather quickly).
    Give it a try, after 1 or 2 run you should feel confortable with it and having WoTB up all the time makes the farming and playing the barb way more fun ^^

    About your possible upgrades, try to craft a better amu & bracer than what you're wearing first, I think its the cheapest upgrade you can make with a good dps increase potential.
    Swithing to a Echoing Fury with a socket instead of LS can also give you a nice DPS upgrade (just take Bloodthirst instead of Superstition to make it for the loss of LS if you don't feel confortable without those 2.9%).

    I hope I could help you or other people with WoTB uptime problems.
    Have a nice day (:

    Battletag - Poring#2196

    Best response! Nice to see a good genuine answer :)
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    posted a message on Your opinion on 1.07?
    It's not a bad start I guess. I still have faith in Blizzard! It would be nice to see some end game content that was really enduring. Infinite dungeons where enemies gain HP and Damage each level and in turn you gain MF and GF. It could be fun to see how many levels you could actually make it through. It would be a great way to test your characters progression and it would have longevity.
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    posted a message on Seeking barb advice for 1.05:
    My barb is also called Odin!
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    posted a message on How many Legendarys did you find so far?
    50 hours no legendaries
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    posted a message on So i heard that Inferno was gona be hard...
    I'm certain that Inferno will be brutally hard. I haven't read a single comment saying "I'd like Inferno to be very manageable." We have Normal to Hell to have something challenging but possible. I wan't inferno to be damn near unrealistic to complete. I wan't a reason to play with max level character and to farm like crazy.

    Anyone who isn't interested in playing at an extreme level has 3 other difficulties to satisfy them, so I see no reason why Inferno wouldn't be brutal.
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    posted a message on Diktat's Inferno Push [EU]
    Haha what a negative b****rd. There is nothing wrong with sharing loot and being as efficient as possible. My friends and I plan to share loot to create the most powerful possible characters possible. Once our mains are capable of farming inferno, then i'll keep my loot for my additional characters.
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    posted a message on Is this a bug that needs to be fixed?
    Hey bit new to the forums so hope im posting in right location.

    I received the beta in the last wave and when using the demon hunter I noticed something with the hatred regeneration. When using hungering arrow I was still benefiting from the hatred regeneration of the skill, even if I simply shot at no target. When using a fury generator such as Bash, you only generate the resource when you actually hit a target.

    Is this a bug or is it intentional? In addition, I made sure that the there was a definite spike in hatred regen when using hungering arrow, and it wasn't just the base regen in effect.
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    posted a message on why no d3 beta invite for SEA people
    I'm located in Perth and I've just received a Beta invite. Is Oceanic clumped in with SEA servers?
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    posted a message on What will you be listening while playing the game?
    Well I'm going to start with the D3 music. After it begins to get stale, i'll be getting the D2 soundtrack in the background.

    I won't be listening to anything that doesn't stay in line with the awesome Diablo atmosphere!
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