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    Belzebub MOD as well. Best Diablo mod EVER amongst all mods of all Diablos.
    Played a couple years ago, and started playing again a month ago. It is just as fun as it was the first time. It just never gets old, what a game.
    Playing with Sorcerer and Rogue. About to beat Diablo in the 4th and last difficulty ("Torment") with both.

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    Quote from LUH-3417

    You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Which, by the way, is an AWESOME addition to the game compared to Diablo 1 where you could only have 2 different zoom distances: a VERY close one and the regular and playable one.

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    I played Belzebub mod about 2 or 3 years ago; then, a month ago, I started playing again.
    The mod is absolutely incredible. Blizzard would be proud of the devs of this mod.

    Just a note: Tchernobog is not "a multi-player version of the same game". Tchernobog and Belzebub are very different mods.

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