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    I know you don't have a generator but wouldn't Focus + Restraint couple with Hexing Pants of Mr Yan better since you get constant 75% damage increase from casting Condemn on the move? With the Traveler's Pledge and SOJ potentially you could get 150% damage increase, but you barely get any damage increase from the Traveler's Pledge since this build is very mobile. I still think the consistent 75% buff from F+R (50% from using Condemn) and Hexing Pants of Mr Yan (25% coz you're always on the move) is better than TP (potentially 100% or NONE at all since you're always moving), and SOJ (20% elemental + 30% to elites). Ive used both setups and found that TP + SOJ would just give me the only buff from the SOJ most of time coz im always moving and even if i have to stop it would be like 1 or 2 secs which is not enough time for TP to kick in.

    Posted in: Crusader: The Church of Zakarum
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