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    posted a message on Little help with gearing direction on my Wiz... grift 55 is easy and 60 hurts me badly


    I'm going for the firebird meteor build.. I can clear grift 55 in like 5 minutes with no death but 60 kills me pretty quickly. I am pretty good with teleporting and frost novas but I just get one tapped on 60 a good amount of the time.

    I know my paragon is low but other than that.. if you were given this character what would you start rolling / gambling / reforging first?

    I think my main problem is my rings and ammys... i don't have my second unity yet for solo pushing so that stinks. What is the best way to get better rings? Just grind everything or focus cube upgrading?

    Should I reforge weapon ASAP?

    Basically my question is... as a better wizard than me (which I know you are lol) what would you start changing in terms of gear first. Give me the game plan you would go by.. if you don't mind!


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