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    I might be doing something wrong here, and if so sorry. But there seems to be something up with the monk's mantra of evasion. Using the following inputs (Monk/60/63/751/1101/17%/4000/171/0/0/18% Y-Resolve) my
    EHP is: 1435999 DodgeEHP(DEHP) is: 175121
    If I switch on Mantra of evasion I get: EHP=1435999 DEHP=214328
    If I turn off Mantra of evasion and turn on Mantra of evasion with Hard Target my numbers are EHP=159666 DEHP=194715.721

    Now my issue is, I don't get why an increase in armor results in a descrease of DEHP since the only difference between Mantra of Evasion and Mantra of Evasion Hard Target is Hard Target get 20% armor.

    Now as I'm writing this I'm beginning to think that I actually need to choose both of them, but it might be nice to have a tooltip that says that for new people to the sheet. Please let me know if that is correct.

    Edit: Also wanted to say thanks for putting this together, can't wait to get home and see it with my actual numbers
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    Thanks man, I was able to grab the second one, and got in about an hours worth of playing after defeating the error 37 boss and timeout mini-game.
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    Just thinking here since you mention (or at least imply) that it was your first after the patch, could this be related to the fact that the patch reset chars and you were doing the level for the "first" time for your account?

    I seem to remember a similar thing happening the first time I ran this level on my friends account, but didn't see it again since then, and haven't played post-patch so can't say one way or the other.

    *Edit for spelling mistake
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