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    Hi, i've recently installed Diablo II + 10 updated with the 1.12 patch.
    I've noticed that the mouse speed is kinda slow and after an attack or when a spell hits an enemy there is also a minor slowdown.
    My PC is new and i have no troubles running D3 on 60 FPS with all the details high.
    I'm using the multires patch and borderless gaming, plus the MOD PLUGY.

    I've chosen the Glide video mode in the D2vidtest and the other modes and the game is still slow in minor details like attack, when a character is about to talk it freezes a bit and then continues "slow".
    Also i've tried with compatibility mode in windows xp service pack 2, 3, disable desktop composition, execute as administrator, adding the -w or -3dfx in the shortcut. Still no result.

    Disabling direct play or using the program DXWND that is supposed to speed up old games in newer machines neither worked.

    My specs are:
    GTX 1050 TI 4GB
    1TB HDD
    Intel I5 7400
    8GB RAM

    It's funny because diablo II used to run at full speed in my older machines with windows 7.

    Any suggestions? i've uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers and the game multiple times.

    Thanks for reading.

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