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    They pretty much are removing the ability for hunters to wear one hand weapons, be it axes, swords or anything. In exchange they are removing the minimum range they are required to have from the target. Meaning they will be able to shoot from melee positions.

    Implementing dual pistols or rifles will be a nice add indeed but will require many changes in the game. How will hit rating work? Will they have to reduce the damage done from some talents/skills? What about drops?

    Let's hope Blizzard has many surprises for us in the new expansion ^^
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    I'm tired of all the QQ about MoP, really. Let's see what the arguements of people crying about the expansion are.

    - The expansion will be childish!

    Really now? You are playing a game with cartoon graphics, talking cows, aliens and a bunch other childish features. After all it's a 12+ game. It has to be appealing both to the younger ones and the old ones.

    - Pandas.

    When WoW came out, nobody complained about Tauren being cows or gnomes being too short. At TBC we got the draenei and at Cata the worgen. If you haven't played Warcraft you can't know who the Pandaren are. They have their own lore and Blizzard is expanding it with the expansion.
    After all. You wouldn't complain if they were the Alliance race at TBC just like the original plan was and people kept asking for them to be implemented in the game.

    - Pokemon.

    While it's true that the pet battles are based totally on pokemon, I see nothing wrong with that. They just give us something else to do instead of AFKing in Stormwind. If you don't want to play it and find it too silly, DON'T.

    - Lore sux.

    Ok...Blizzard is officially out of lore now with Deathwing dead. Does that mean they have to stop the game? No. They create new chapters. You'll get to explore new areas, get to know new villains and fight against the other faction.

    - Talents will be too easy.

    Not true. Cataclysm's talent trees were easy. You see, for example, 10 paladins. Everyone has a standard build and if you don't have the same, you are usually the bad one. With MoP choices, you will be able to customize your playstyle even more. Especially in PvP when you won't be able to predict your enemy's moves cause you won't be sure about what he has specced into.

    Finishing my post, I have to say that, if you think the expansion will be a joke, don't play it. But you have no reason to judge it before you see what it's really like. Everyone keeps complaining when new expansions are out. Stop that and either reroll game or support the company.

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