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    One thing you guys aren't factoring in is loyalty.

    A lot of you are just outright assuming that people will return for any future Diablo games when there is an unquestionably better option on the market for free in PoE.

    A lot of players, myself included, were burned by Diablo 3. It had a disastrous launch, and at times an equally disastrous development cycle, before development was totally shut down.

    Even if its a new class, it won't be that big of a deal. Necromancer wasn't the smashing success it needed to be to revive the game. If they wanted to do that, they would've had to implement a hardcap on paragon, bring real trading back, and massively reduce the effectiveness of ZDPS cheese builds, while also producing a steady stream of content.

    They will not do that, and thus the game (and franchise) is dead until further notice. Should the day ever come where a D4 is on the way, people will remember what Blizzard did with the potential of D3, and a lot of them will pass.

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    My guess is that if a D4 ever comes, they make it the same style of multiplayer as PoE, with shared hubs, chat, guilds, and the like.

    I don't know if it would be more popular though. Blizzard has shown an unwillingness to develop individual seasons with D3, and with no effort put into seasons development-wise, players return the favor.

    Blizzard missed a big opportunity with D3, and as a result have been replaced entirely by a new game that is gradually becoming a bigger and bigger thing. At the rate PoE is growing, I don't even know if a D4 could remain competitive.

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