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    I'm working on something which originally used LoN. As we all know LoN gives us 1300% dmg, and 52% dmg reduction. Since Akkhans gives 1500% dmg and 50% dmg reduction, I decided to go with it for the extra 200% dmg at the loss of 2% dmg reduction. After comparing all of my stats line by line with both sets, my Akkhan set beats my LoN set in almost every line. The exception is hp. LoN has 8k more hp than Akkhans. So here is the problem. Using my LoN, I have 250m defense without Akkarats and 500m with it. With my Akkhans set (which line by line is beating my LoN set in almost every way) I have only a pitiful 32m defense without Akarats and 230m with it. Now I know I lose 2% dmg reduction with Akkhans, but that shouldn' be 300m, right? What am I missing here? What is happening that I'm not getting?

    Posted in: Crusader: The Church of Zakarum
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