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    Quote from DeDeX»

    Great guide, I was motivated to go look for the RBG.

    I'm looking for 20 days and for now I have not had the opportunity yet, I just found 6 Princess Stardust. I have already found 400 RBGs in all.

    Thank you for your comment, and damn 6 stardust that's just unlucky :-( I hope you will get your cosmic wings soon!

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    Thanks, I hope you get them soon ! Don't lose your hope :)

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    Lucky you :P and true, they do not look the best on a barbar but I still would use it :D

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    True, that is why I used those colors :P

    The thing with seperate game farming is you need 3 other people who you completely trust because if someone is slacking it won't be efficient. And yes you can interrupt goblins escape but only up to a certain time. Its portal becomes uninterruptable after 40-50seconds you engage him which is a enough time for others to join you. That strategy might be better but everyone must be doing their part, most of the time %50 of my party used to be random pugs that's why I sticked to same game farming.

    About the maps, for example the Arreat core in act3, had a very low chance of spawning goblins. I found atleast x5 more goblins in leoric's passage compared to Arreat Core and there are a few more examples like that, atleast regarding my experience. It might be different for everyone.

    And thanks for the point about people who thinks they must be in the area when rgb is killed, I will add that the guide. :)

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    Thank you :)

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    Thank you, and I guess you can see how lucky you were :D

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    Finding Princess Lilian - The video of us finding her

    The Cosmic Wings

    Edit: I've been frequently updating the guide as I feel like something is needed to be added. You might see something different compared to the last time you checked this guide.

    UPDATE: Season 14, The double goblin season, won't affect your chance of getting the wings since you will only find two of the same kind goblins next to each other and two rainbow portals will lead to the same Whimsydale.

    Since im a new player I don't know a lot about builds and classes so I only mentioned the fast builds that I know of. Feel free to mention about the missing builds or if you have a better one. These builds are made by other players.

    The core items you need in Chicken and Danetta DH are only main and off hand weapons so they are the easiest to start farming with.

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81476-2-6-1-helltooth-speed-build Chicken WD ( Recommended )

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/87818-infinite-dash-monk-guide-we-dont-need-no Dashing Monk ( faster than WD, but requires too much gear)

    http://www.diablofans.com/builds/90850-2-6-1-ue-danettas-grenades-t13-speed-bounties Danetta Demon Hunter

    Hello everyone. After 12+ hours of farming of RBG's for 15days in a row and 304 portals, I finally got them and I have been noting down most of the goblin's locations as I wanted to share the stats, and my/our rotation to help people who has been farming/wants to farm. I will try to make this guide as brief as possible. This is the first time I'm making a guide so please pardon me if it looks not well made.

    Some Information about Princess Lilian, Whimsydale and Rainbow Goblins

    I would like to correct a common mistake first, Princess Lilian spawns from another unique monster pool. (Tubbers, Nightmarity, Team unicorn, Princess Stardust, etc.) You will always see Super Awesome Cake or Evil Oliver in Whimsydale. Lilian will spawn as an extra, the 2nd unique mob. She DOES NOT spawn instead of Evil Oliver or Super Awesome Cake.

    The difficulty does not matter. It won't affect Princess Lilian's or RGB's spawn chance. I farmed on normal difficulty.

    It took 304 portals for me, so approximately %0,3 chance of Princess Lilian spawn chance, atleast for my journey. But remember, its all RNG, It can take just a few portals for you, or more than me (hopefully won't).

    As you can see, Princess Lilian looks different from the other ponies. Only 1 other mob looks excatly the same as her, Princess Stardust which is another irrelevant extra unique might spawn from the 2nd unique mob pool.


    This is how would you see a Rainbow Goblin on the minimap and while it is sitting at somewhere. %80 of the time it sits and wait to be found at somewhere, channeling the portal. Sometimes it jumps out of the portal out of no where when you get close to its location. If you want to share it with someone not in the party, you have to keep your distance to RGB and invite others. If you get too close to it, even if you don't attack, it will start running around and you have to kill it before it escapes. Remember %85 of the time you will hear it's sqeuaking sound before you see it. All of the goblins makes the same sound, expect the blue one (don't waste time to kill it) has a deeper voice.

    You don't need to be in the map which the Rainbow Goblin was killed in, being in the same party is enough. You can still teleport to the player who killed it and get in to the Whimsydale portal.

    Rainbow Goblin (CAN't spawn via a bandit shrine) spawn chance is around %3-4 from what I have observed. But remember, it's all RNG. Upon its death, he will make a portal to Whimsydale (not Whimsyshire) where Lilian can possibly spawn. Only the people who were in the same party when RBG got killed can access to the Whimsydale. You can only find her in Whimsydale. Once you get in to Whimsydale, make sure you check every single corner. She can spawn even next to Oliver / Cake.

    Only 1 Whimsydale can occur in one game. Killing more than 1 RBG's in the same game will teleport you to the same Whimsydale. So once you kill a RBG and clear Whimsydale reset the game.

    IMPORTANT ! !!!! Make sure everyone gets in to Whimsydale at the same time, if someone kills Princess Lilian before you get in, you won't get the wings. She can spawn right in front of the portal you enter. !!!!!

    Farming for RBG's can be discouraging. Don't get demotivated if you can't find RBG for a while. I had many instances that almost 2 hours of no RBG even though we were actively farming for it as 4 people. But sometimes we found 2-3-4 times in a row. We even found 8 times in a row, but that was extreme luck. You will eventually find one, just keep farming efficiently.

    If you already made up your mind, don't give up ! I knew if I gave up I would never get my wings. I've tracked and noted the goblins to keep myself motivated and share with other farmers to help them a bit. Consistent farming might get extremly boring and it is not suitable for everyone. You don't have to farm like me, take breaks whenever you feel fatigued or bored. I also took those breaks but tried to keep them to minimum.

    - Lower & mute any volume EXCEPT Effects and Master Volume. Most of the time goblins makes a squeaking sound before you are able to see them. This is very important, I have found many RBG's without seeing them at first.


    It is THE MOST important thing in farming RBG. You and your party should not waste a minute while hunting. Don't waste time on killing/looting mobs or any other goblin except rainbow.

    -Join "Rainbow Goblin" "Rainbow Goblin Farm" "Farm Cosmic Wings" "Cosmic Wings Season" and other active communities to find people for farming together. ( I have just created one, called RBG Hunting if you would like to join)

    -Do not allow any leechers in your party, make sure everyone has a speed build (chicked WD, dash monk, etc.) Always try to farm as a group, the more people you have in your group the more Rgb you will find.

    -The slowest member should take the shortest act, (a3 or a5), act1 for the fastest member. Your clear time of your party for the maps I will share down below should not take more than 6-7 minutes. If its taking any longer, someone is leeching, does not have a speed build or trying to explore the whole map which is a big mistake.

    -After everyone finishes their acts, each member should type "Done + act". Once everyone is done, type "new game" so everyone logs out for reset. Reseting fast is another important element of efficiency.

    -If you find a goblin in any map except than P.Fortress level 1 and 2, go to the next map because except those 2 the maps in your rotation will never contain a second goblin.2.The Acts & RotationSome zones has much higher chance to spawn a goblin compared to the others. You and your group should only search them. I will only mention those maps/acts.

    If you are solo farming, I suggest checking the total Rainbow Goblin stats down below and making a route including only the maps that had high amount of rgb's. For example I found 49 goblins in 50 minutes only doing Act 5 rotation. The more goblin you find, the higher chance of encountering a RBG.

    Sorry for my long loading screens, FPS drops and navigation errors. You can do much better than me.

    -How to Clear Acts

    Act 1. Sample video https://youtu.be/6J_vHiXjnAw

    Southern Highlands( explore only until you find Cave of the Moon clan)

    Cave of the Moon Clan 1&2

    Northren Highlands ( Go upstairs, to Leoric's Hunting Ground)Explore LHG, then teleport to Royal Crypts

    Cathedral level 2

    Leoric's Passage

    Act 2 https://youtu.be/5ZG8Rm2ipOo

    Ancient Waterways Western-Eastern Channels 1&2

    Teleport to City of Caldeum, go directly to the sewers and explore it

    Howling Plateau (can be excluded, not as efficient as other maps)

    Stinging Winds (Go south, enter Black Canyon Mines)Explore only the entrance of BCM

    Act 3 https://youtu.be/pJmP9XGWSJI

    The Core of Arreat

    Tower of the Cursed & Damned 1&2

    The Bridge of Korsikk, go north and (Fields of Slaughter) Find the cave, if it is " Caverns of Frost" search it, if "Icefall caves" skip it.

    I don't recommend doing any maps on act 4, only if one of the party member is faster than you he/she should check Gardens of Hope Tier level 1-2-3 until everyone has cleared their rotation.

    Act 5 https://youtu.be/Rknfao1BZMA

    You will always take the first right when you start exploring P.Fortress level 1 and 2.

    P.Fortress 1, after you finish searching level 1, teleport to 2 via the map.These maps always spawns either 2 or 0 goblins, so if you find one look for the second.

    The RGB stats that I had noted (approximately the last 250) :

    Act I

    Cave of the Moon Clan -22

    Royal Crypts-14

    Leoric's Hunting Grounds-15

    Leoric's passage-15

    Cathedral level 1-3

    Cathetral level 2-11

    Cathedral level 3-3

    Southern Highlands-4

    Northren Highlands-5

    Weeping Hollow-1 (not checked frequently)

    Act II

    Western Channel-31

    Eastern Channel-22

    Black Canyon Mines-2

    Sewers of Caldeum-8

    Howling Plateau-5

    Stinging Winds-2

    Act III

    Heart of damned-1

    Tower of cursed- 17

    Fields of slaughter- 3

    Tower of Damned- 9

    Core of arreat-6

    The battlefields- 4 (not checked frequently)

    Caverns of Frost- 10

    Act IV

    Gardens of hope tier 2-1

    Gardens of hope tier 3-1

    Gardens of hope tier 1-4

    Act V

    Pandemonium Fortress 2-33

    Pandemonium Fortress 1-26

    Shout out to my farming friends who spent dozens of hours farming with me KraXaX(the mvp), P4CHO, NupeQ, SmOK, TomTG, and many other players who I partied with. I would never be able to find the wings without you guys.

    I wish all of you the best luck and I hope it won't take as long as me to get your wings. :)

    My battle tag is Dreamwalker#21489 Feel free to ask any questions.

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