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    WTF no way in hell it should last more then 3-4 month EVER. What exactly do you mean there is so much more to do? There is a new map, new items and the cube. The cube isnt adding that much to grind for. IN addition to that we no longer need to grind for rift keys and there is only so many new items everyone will want to cube.

    If your an achievemnt hunter and you cant get everything you want in 4 months idk what to tell you, play more?

    The only reason I could see them making seasons last longer is so that they don't have to push content out as quickly. Which is entirely something blizzard would do.

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    posted a message on crit chance and the pain enhancer gem

    No one can give you a specific number because it depends on attack speed and crit chance.

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    posted a message on Which class to play for Season 2?

    Well Demon Hunter is still good, but if you enjoyed setting sentries and running around that play style is mostly dead.

    Wizard is still good for farming t6, and pretty high in GRifts 47 ish right?

    Crusaders are near the top this season, with condemn build (melee i know), or stampede which is mid-range.

    Barbarians I believe are the fastest t6 clear with raekors, but also have a few other builds that clear T6, just not as fast. (Whirlwind, Leapquake)

    Witchdoctors seem to be towards the low end this season as pets still arent durable enough for higher tiered rifts. I see most pet doctors stalling out around 44. However Witchdoctor does seem to have the best support role right now so if you play in group alot that would make witchdoctor's saught after.

    Basically, you probably have to choose from DH, Wizard, or WitchDoctor. If you like the new Mauraders set, then go with that. Wizard really hasnt changed, much so again you can decide on that. If you liek to play in Group for high tier rifts then go Witch Doctor (if you like pet based play).

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