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    posted a message on Legendary Mat Drop Rate Hotfix Bugged?
    Quote from Angzt

    That wasn't a change. It was just a confirmation of what the drop rates have always been.
    Whether these drop chances apply to Bosses is unknown, they might just apply to SuperUniques, as you mentioned yourself.

    Also, the odds of not getting a drop in 20 runs with a 14.9% drop chance are just under 4% [(1-0.149)^20]. Low, for sure, but not low enough to indicate a bug, it might really just be bad luck.
    ^ this.

    I'd say just wait it out until the new rates are in:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10219142187?page=6#103
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    posted a message on Crushing Everything in T1 then Malthael Says: Nooooooope.
    Quote from KoboldKlone

    I'm not complaining. Please don't interpret this as whining. I am currently running my lning barb (+40% ish lning dmg) through T1 bounties and absolutely killing it-until I get to Malthael. My current build/gear setup runs through other act bosses and elites, but the big bad angel of death stops me cold.

    Is there a baseline resall/healing you need to hit to do that fight? I'm only posting because the slide in difficulty from T1 Diablo to T1 Malthael seems super steep...
    No. Drop him down to hard and don't hit him, just watch him. Learn his attack patterns and work it from them. He only has one mostly unavoidable move, and it's also his least damaging one.

    Edit: After you've figured out his attack patterns, die to him intentionally, leave game and make new on higher difficulty.
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    posted a message on The 1.0.5 Budget Hunter - 1.6mil easy mode
    Just started watching this and already have problems. The Xbow he's looking at, for him to find it like that is extremely rare. Xbows like that usually go for well over 1m on the AH, not the 50k he purchased it for.

    Notice how many of the things he's searching for have precisely 1 thing with those stats in his price range. That is really telling. This isn't gear you are going to get your hands on easily.

    Question OP, are you on EU? That would explain some things, because seriously - Doing a search for anything he posts gives me completely different results. Like his Ammy page starts at 100k, mine? http://imgur.com/xsaqo
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    posted a message on 1.0.4 Demon Hunter Build - Bowling Ball, Better Cooling, Contest Winners
    If you tried to use a build with that skill in Guild Wars 2, you'd get banned for it.
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    posted a message on Visual Monster Affix Changes, Official Game Guide Has Been Updated, Paragon Experience, Blue Posts
    Also 'health link' is visual. When I damage one, it shoots a little blood tendril to the others.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.4 Interview with Jay Wilson and Andrew Chambers
    We all know they'll introduce a ladder season once profits from the RMAH go down severely, but chances are they'll only do a single run.

    I'm glad they didn't do the buff to caltrops damage like they were intending in the leaked notes, it would have been a huge buff to damage, especially since it white crits and doesn't reset sharpshooter.
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    After a little time to think I'm actually kind of glad about this, and I hope they phase out MF and GF from items sooner rather than later.

    This is something that will seriously impact botters, in multiple ways:

    Firstly, blizzard had difficulty detecting some bots as they were no longer gaining XP from most things, so they couldn't easily analyze funny XP gains, or extended ones. This fixes that system, at least temporarily.

    When a bot gets banned at the moment it is a 9 hour process (non legit) and a 15 hour process manually to get that bot up to level. Presently they will still be there and having to buy MF and GF gear, but when that gear gets removed.... the best bots in the game will perform worse than players who have manually levelled to that max or close to it.

    Also, this means that if someone bots on a max level character, they are running the risk of losing more than $50 + 12ish hours of downtime, they are losing a month long time investment, probably more. I think that this is an amazing step on Blizzards behalf, and one of the first things they have done that will actually penalize botters and goldfarmers/spammers alike. (I said the Gold aspect of the RMAH would do nothing to botters or goldspammers due to Blizzards stupid cap, and lo and behold...)

    I am concerned about one thing though. If they want to make MF and GF not exist on items, why does it exist on some of the legendaries they are patching into the game? Wouldn't it make more sense to remove the affix and suffix entirely from freshly rolled legendaries?
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    Quote from brx

    i'm not sure about the impact Paragon levels will have on the game as there will be no new content that need to be uber-power... This is grind for the sake of grind except for the addition of legendaries.

    I believe we'll be seeing an endless dungeon at some point, be prepared :)
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    Quote from Bahska28

    MF/GF should never have been a part of the system to begin with, its about time they realize this. Now if only they had listened to there beta testers to begin with.............


    I sent Blizzard emails, made posts, EVEN WROTE AN ARTICLE about why MF/GF shouldn't be on gear, or even in the game at all (unless in a system like this). They didn't listen.

    Now it makes sense to them, about damn time.
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    posted a message on Introducing the Paragon System
    Quote from Nuvian

    i liked what i read until this part
    "With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300%"

    Me also, I don't mind an MF cap, but if it could kindly be around the same level I could get pre-MF cap, that would be ideal.

    It doesn't state, but I assume shrine MF also goes above cap.
    Also, I guess MF gems in helm are pointless now, so everyone will be running more life than before.
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    posted a message on [ISO] Sell me UNID Legendaries!
    Quote from thundersteele

    You know that some people collect old coins or stamps or action figures. Some might be interested in old Legendaries. UNID is maybe comparable to "mint in box."

    Not everyone who is doing something unconventional is trying to scam or steal or make profit.


    I'm banking on said Legacy's being worth a lot years and years down the line to the right kinds of people.
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    posted a message on Unofficial Patch 1.0.4 Changes - Class changes, New Items, Affixes and More!!
    There is a huge DH buff hidden in there, because Blizz still aren't aware that there are some abilities that don't count as 'hits' for dropping sharpshooter. Fingers crossed that this is fixed in the patch also, but if not my DH will become about 6-7x more effective than current.
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    posted a message on [ISO] Sell me UNID Legendaries!
    I know something you all don't :) Either way, my prices are fair, if you like them, please sell to me :)
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    posted a message on [ISO] Sell me UNID Legendaries!
    I don't care if you know what sort of crap they are, I want them! I pay 500,000g for most unid Legendaries that are 61 or over, but larger prices for more expensive ones.

    Feel free to just add me in game and open trade for great justice! BaneWilliams#1485
    • Ageless Might - 500,000
    • Azurewrath - 500,000
    • Band of Hollow Whispers - 500,000
    • Blade of the Warlord - 500,000
    • Calamity - 500,000
    • Dead Man's Legacy - 500,000
    • Depth Diggers - 500,000
    • Empyrian Messenger - 500,000
    • Fire Walkers - 2,500,000
    • Flying Dragon - 500,000
    • Fury of the Vanished Peak - 500,000
    • Gladiator Gauntlets - 500,000
    • Hellcat Waistguard - 500,000
    • Hellrack - 500,000
    • Hierophant's Seal - 500,000
    • Ice Climbers - 500,000
    • Ivory Tower - 500,000
    • Lamentation - 500,000
    • Last Breath - 500,000
    • Madstone - 500,000
    • Manticore - 500,000
    • Mara's Kaleidoscope - 1,000,000
    • Mempo of Twilight - 500,000
    • Oculus Ring - 4,500,000
    • Ouroboros - 1,500,000
    • Schaefer's Hammer - 500,000
    • Sever - 500,000
    • Skorn - 500,000
    • Sky Splitter - 500,000
    • Slorak's Madness - 500,000
    • Stone of Jordan - 1,000,000
    • Storm Crow - 500,000
    • Stormshield - 1,000,000
    • Strongarm Bracers - 500,000
    • Sun Keeper - 2,500,000
    • The Fist of Az'Turrasq - 500,000
    • The Gidbinn - 500,000
    • The Grand Vizier - 500,000
    • The Grandfather - 500,000
    • The Inquisitor - 500,000
    • The Oculus - 1,000,000
    • The Star of Azkaranth - 500,000
    • The Tormentor - 500,000
    • Tyrael's Might - 2,000,000
    • Tzo Krin's Gaze - 500,000
    • Uhkapian Serpent - 500,000
    • Vigilance - 500,000
    • Vile Ward - 500,000
    • Visage of Giyua - 500,000
    • Warmonger - 500,000
    • Windforce - 500,000
    • Wizardspike - 500,000
    • Won Khim Lau - 500,000
    • Xephirian Amulet - 500,000
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    posted a message on Thanks, Blizz
    I don't see the point in changing my password for two reasons.

    Firstly, they're going to get hit by an Authenticator dialogue every time they try to login, and they can't beat it. EDIT: and if they do I get my account rolled back, ohnoes.

    Secondly, if my account gets hacked even though it's Authenticator locked I'll just write another article and get blacklisted from Activision/Blizzard junkets for another year.
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