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    posted a message on How to survive as a Witch Doctor?

    I just did my first tier 60 in 6:19

    HC WD a few minutes ago @ para 474.

    HT/Garg build with enchantress.

    Cube: Furnace/Jeram/RoRG

    tasker/witching hour/uhkapian mojo

    endless walk /shortmanfinger

    Gems: enforcer/trapped/Bane of the Powerful

    Topaz instead of Diamond/Amethyst in helm

    Passive Skills: SpiritVessel/Grave Injustice/Midnight Feast/Confidence Ritual

    Sheet Damage: 1,219,547

    Tough: 14,501,796

    Area Damage: 82.00%

    AS increase: 31%

    CHC 35%

    CHD 383%


    Can't Die Focus of course

    Sultan of Blinding Sand w/elemental damage changed to Lightning Damage

    Ess of Johan/Oculus @ Damage Increasse84% / Wyrdward @ 35% chance to stun

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    posted a message on <dfans> recruiting

    I 'm HC and SC both America's and Euro realm.

    HC para 442 and SC para 771 in America's.

    Just finished a tier 60 in 6:19 HC para 475 WD a few minutes ago.

    Did a tier 62 @ 6:50 today for same HC para 506 WD.

    You guys are asking for HC players, but I'm not getting any traction here. Guess it's a slow forum. :(

    Will level in Euro and America's for Season 8. Not sure why I'm posting here. Dead forum..:(

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    posted a message on The downside of the 450 key beta contest
    With my beta key luck I'll probobly finally win a beta key the same week that Diablo 3 is actually available at Amazon and all the outlets.

    Best of luck to everyone and hope the people that actually win a beta key actually enjoy it and feel it was worth it.

    It would be a bummmer to win a beta key and then not have the time or not enjoy playing it.

    LOL, I can't imagine that happening!!
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    posted a message on Diablo III Beta System Requirements
    Yes, a new system with minimum 1 GB memory and 8 GB SDRAM and latest CPU is good.

    But let's not forget that there are 3 other factors that greatly affect game play.

    1) Your rig must be cool. So effective use of fans/coolers is a must. Do Not be cheap here!
    2) Your rig must have proper voltage. So buy a quality UPS with Voltage Regulation.
    (even if the voltage drops from nominal 120v to below 100v the Voltage Regulator transformer will provide you with steady 120v.
    3)It might be the correct time to call your phone/DSL provider and have them clean up your service panel connection.
    (all copper connections degrade over time with adverse weather like rain, snow and heat.)
    Verizon answered my complaint in 3 days, and improved my DSL speed for free.

    These 3 needed items make a big difference. Hope this helps someone.
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    posted a message on [Official] Release Date Speculation Thread
    LOL, hold onto your skits 'cause in all likelyhood the actual in a physical box with Disc's deliverable to your door will not be available till Xmas or 2013 New Year.

    There are way too many problems right now with all the new ideas/changes etal to be ready any time soon.

    If you know someone at BattleNet then they will confirm this to you.

    Hang in there and keep playing D2!
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