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    posted a message on EB+OoID, whats the deal?

    Now, I know that at four stacks this combo is really good, the issue is the 4 stacks. All good Wizard builds right now are ranged so why is this being used all the time? I've built and played all the popular builds, with less than perfect gear mind you, and I just don't see the need for this. I feel like it's a wasted spell and weapon slot since it rarely ever gets stacks in ranged builds. It seems like, for example in DMO Frozen Orb builds, it would be better to switch OoID for Primordal Soul and EB for something like Familiar Sparkflint/Arcanot or MW Force Weapon/Conduit/Deflection as needed, given off element damage roll on Unstable Scepter or course. So, can anyone explain to me why OoID seems to be the preference? Am I just not seeing the need for it cause I haven't pushed passed GR 90 yet?

    Posted in: Wizard: The Ancient Repositories
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