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    Ok, this is probably the most retarded thing I have ever read on the internet. I said this once here and I will say it again:


    Yeah that may seem like a bold statement but consider this.

    1. No other game has had a world like WoW. Everything is detailed, with different wildernesses, cities, kingdoms towns, etc. Everquest was somewhat like this but the PoK killed everything.

    2. The graphics are amazing for a MMORPG. When you are in a certian area, you can feel the area, and the music along with it really sets in a mood.

    3. You do more than killing. There is always something different to do.

    4. The gameplay is really easy to learn, but it is not so simple. Anyone can learn on the first day, but learning to get use to the world and picking up your own style is a different case.

    5. You have to use teamwork. You don't just hack and slash, but you have to use abilities based on the favor of the group and learn common manners. Hardly any other online games except for RTS games have that trait.

    6. What other game will you have e-friends that you can actually call friends friends. You virtually have your own social life in WoW, and it is a good escape from your RL.

    Oh and for all of you kids who were bashing WoW here are some responses.

    So the graphics are cartoonish. Well it's a fantasy world is it not. So it suits well with the game, and the graphics are still fantastic. At least characters have their own appearances and actually have faces, unlike other games *cough*diablo.

    Oh so the game is boring. Well I'm sure it must be boring to some 12 year old kid who is used to diablo, in which he doesn't nothing but hack and slash. So go ahead, stick with diablo.

    So you all say it screwed up Warcraft because it took away the RTS concept. Did it not occur to you all that it not only put warcraft to the next level, but Blizzard itself. Besides I didn't like to play warcraft III online because every there was such a jerk. Bashing WoW because it is a warcraft MMORPG is just like bashing the LoTR games cause LoTR was suspose to be a novel/movie.

    You kids also complain about how a few creatures are impossible to kill on your own. Well, would you rather enjoy it if you had a invincible character who can take on the whole game effortlessly. WoW is just more real in this sense in which you just can't rush into a camp or especially an enemy town and nail everyone.

    and finally about the 15 bucks per month. Incase you didn't know kiddos, there is a team that not only keeps WoW realms in top shape, but also add new things to the game constantly. You see kids, these people need money too. As far as I am concerned, the montly fee is worth every penny.

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