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    I'm sure Monk will be my main character just when thay released information of him. But... It will be female monk. Why? Becouse she has white hair. I love white hairs in game characters so the choice is make. :) And of course gameplay also looks enjoyable. :) Ah, and I like word 'Serenity'. :D
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    Don't think just about necessery lore. :) For me Kingdom of Shadow was one of the best books I have ever read so You should definietly check it. Good plot, nice characters and the whole mistery of the city are the main reasons. :)
    And the city itself will be in Diablo 3 I think so it's even better to read the book. :)
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    I think it's really possible that Leah will be a new Diablo, especialy becouse of Black Soulstone cinematic. Here's my thoughts:

    First of all just look at the new Diablo artworks and concept arts. It looks like a woman, thin version of the last Diablo, where he was huge and muscular.

    The other thing is that in Black Soulstone Azmodan says that Leah trapped other demons and that the Black Soulstone is needed to be Prime Evil. And Leah has the Stone!

    I hope it's not that obvious, but if it is, it's sad to know the plot before game release. :)
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