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    posted a message on Advice on which monitor for video editing?

    Hellow! I am not a monitor expert but I believe u are looking for something at least with these specs:

    -QHD or 4K resolution (Full HD its starting to get obsolete :P )
    - 27 or +
    - VA panel (for a better color contrast ration) (more info about panel types at https://techguided.com/display-panel-types-tn-ips-va/ )

    - No need more than 75 HZ (more than this its generally 4 gaming)

    - Any response time (GTG) (lower = better but... that's more for gaming)

    - No need Sync technology (G sync its expensive :P )

    So I think AOC Q3279VWF VA 31.5" QHD 16:9 75Hz FreeSync its perfect for you: UHD / 31.5 / VA / 75HZ / 5ms GTG *mehh...u are looking for image quality ^^ ) / FreeSync technology and price its 200Eur +- (in Portugal at least) so yeah I think its cheap. I would recommend you to wait for black friday ^>^ GL and Good hunt :)

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    posted a message on have a question about the Campaign if there is any point in doing it


    I will be direct: there are NO benefit in doing campaign mode at the moment for end game (except the Act5 follower quest where you can farm pools).

    The best benefits you can have by doing campaign mode are:

    - get to know about D3 story and have some fun

    - hunting some achievements where you need to fish some maps over and over again to get it done (Like: Lore Books / Talk with *x* Character)

    - get some fun by doing speed runs (Check: https://www.speedrun.com/d3_ros for a full list of categories available and his rules)

    - farm the mats to craft Staff of Herding (I don't remember if its possible to farm them on adv mode or not)

    If you will do campaign mode by your own, I would recommend you to use a Speed Build and play on Normal difficult (not a rift build but a real Speed build were you are aiming full movement speed, not the T13 damage/toughness), otherwise you might spend 3/5 hours in your run.

    If you will pass the campaign mode you can always complete all achievements/conquests available on current season (both Soft core and Hard core) as a new challenge.

    GL HF!

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