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    posted a message on Do you get tired of seeing the same Diablo 4 news being posted by a dozen different sites?

    Pretty much what Magistrate summed up.

    From my own personal experience, if I'm looking for " new " information in regards to products, I try to only keep track of sources that offer good quality content instead of re-hashed info and sometimes hidden click-bait as you stated. That's purely up to the individual though and not the fault of the sources available. Most sources are all doing what they best, vomit out as much info as possible to get more traction for their sites, can't blame them really.

    As a side note, if you're going out of you way to create an app to counter-act this part of human nature, kudos to you!

    I wouldn't dwell on trying to change people and if it's really bothering you, then it's more to do with what distractions you have in your life and around you vs the same stale content you're manged to use as comfortable living conditions ( if that makes any sense ).

    In summary, I myself maybe check Diablo 4 news once every 6 months or more since I have a million other things to either distract me at the moment or taking up my time.

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    posted a message on D3 Quick Season Start Tracker - DiabloSeasons

    Thank you for that video link reference Bagstone!

    I still get sketchy over trusting Blizzard's code and agree with Liutasil, better safe than sorry.

    Good to know though, much appreciated!

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    Looks pretty awesome, thanks for the work you put in!

    Edit: Thanks for fixing the hyperlink.

    Also, I've been told that people should create their seasonal character always first before completing the Challenge Rift so that you get the cache on your seasonal character. I've never bothered to test anything otherwise, so that might also be important in your tips there.

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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong?

    It's a grind game my man. It takes time to farm and if you focus on very specific things, it's just going to get you frustrated when they don't drop.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is just keep grinding and "slowly" improve your character. Farm keys, level your gems, look for better ancient rolls, augment your gear, then level more gems, replace current augs with higher augs, rinse and repeat. Eventually you'll get those drops and when it's in the back of your mind, you're less likely to think about it and get frustrated with RNG.

    You really gotta find ways to have fun with builds that let you grind for hours and it feels fun, the rest will eventually fall in your lap over time.

    Lastly, what Kallizk said and to add to that also, learn how to be efficient with your materials. Farm bounties, reroll items in the cube that will give you the biggest upgrades. Basically only Weapons and maybe Rings/Amulets if you know what stats you need.

    Sorry for the long post, there's just a ton of info out there and things you can do in order to improve your character and paragon 650 doing GR 96 is an amazing start but also barely scratching the surface of gametime played in a season. Just keep going from there.

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