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    posted a message on OG Alpha Squad, Top 3 Clan for S12 is Recruiting. (NA)

    <Squad> formed midway through season 11 and has attracted many top players through our fun competitive atmosphere.

    If a casual clan is what you are looking for, we are not for you. We like to have a good time and we’re always in Discord helping each other out and running groups to strengthen the clan. If you want to push yourself higher in season 12 while having a good time, then we are the clan for you. Our roster is extremely active, over 50+ players regularly online.

    Clan Achievements

    - In less than 6 weeks achieved top 6 in NA during season 11

    • Players across all top 25 solo and group leaderboards

    Previous Season Requirements (3 of the following)

    • Paragon 1500+
    • GR 90+ Solo (Necro 100+)
    • GR 108+ in 2s
    • GR 110+ in 3s
    • GR 115+ in 4s

    *if you didn't meet these requirements, you're still welcome to apply just reach out to our officers.


    • Active online players (72hrs, scheduled breaks are welcome)
    • Active in Discord
    • Prioritize clan members
    • All players must meet deadlines set to remain competitive

    Our goal is to be the most fun competitive NA Clan in Diablo III, if this sounds like your atmosphere hit us up.

    Contact in-game





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