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    Hi guys, smooth is recruiting for people interested in playing with a fun group of competitive individuals for season 12. we aren't looking to be elitest pricks, however many of our guys do enjoy pushing, so there is some friendly competition within the clan.

    we attempt to keep people caught up with the current meta, however don't feel obligated to if you prefer to just run solo.

    we don't have any goofy deadlines where people have to be paragon x by date y, however at this point of this season we would prefer if people attempting to join up with us were over paragon 1000 with at least a GR 100 clear in the class they main (solo or group is fine if you're a zdps main).

    if you have any questions, you can reach out to me directly at tomatosaucin#1858 or simply look us up by searching "smooth operators" in clans and communities.

    Thanks and have fun grinding,



    also for anyone curious

    we were formerly squad, reformed with lighter guidelines to improve our community with a more active (less afk) playerbase

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    bro you are the saltiest fucking person on the planet relax.

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    good clan. fun people. i'm the officer of being a shitty streamer

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