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    posted a message on Remove necromancer from game / nerf it to the ground thanks.

    its starting to get silly now, 99.9% of all games are 3x Necro 1x Barb....most people are not even interested in META barb monk wd necro partys

    anymore. How are people gona get good gear? high gems? learn how to play in group if they never can? since everyone is necro or barb? i just

    wonder.. this dmg buff dident realy help a thing when it comes to what people are playing sadly enough...

    its like playing season 11 again.

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    posted a message on Is this for real???

    Always gona be people that are sad when items change and they dont have the time to gather the loot back again. This is not a first world problem

    and this will always be in the game, why would blizzard make an acception for just primal items?.

    I also have a job, hobbys, training, all stuff normal people have to do..and if blizzard makes changes i just accept it. And i am a Season player.

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