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    So it looks like they will not change the stupid buff to 2 of the top tier builds for speedfarming and push (rathma, inarius)

    Good move buffing useless builds but who cares if they buff that both builds aswell. So, we will change the LoN WD for an Arachyr at pushing, and the rest its literally the same.

    From 96-100 rathmas to 103-106 the whole season for speed GR.

    Some variety at solo maybe but another 3 months farming paragons with the same shit.

    This devs jesuschrist...

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    Quote from BlackcurseLT»

    well, about my plans? i will try for once to join the meta in groups to pump my paragon, only 1300 NS atm. so i'm thinking about going monk,

    If you are planning joining meta groups consider creating necro or barbarian, monk is out of meta
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    Quote from sarkozig»

    The best thing you can do is ignore them, the "professionals", and enjoy the game, compete with your friends, click the paragon points one by one if you prefer.

    They always use bot, turbohud, 3rd party script, whatever to call everyones attention. Don't you think for a second after a possible ban will stop them cheating...

    The thing is that even if they cheat it wont affect to casual players. It affects people who wants to reach they very highest positions at the leaderboard. Even if they stop botting, they still would be at one of the top 50 players at europe for sure, but positions might change between being the top 1 to be at top 30 because you arent botting. This happens to me for example when i started the season, after the first month i reached the top 4 solo wizard at europe. Right now just needed to stop playing because of IRL stuff but even with that i still can reach easily a rank 20 without cheating, but not much higher because most of the rest are cheating.

    No offence but even if they bot or cheat in your face it wont affect to people who plays the first week of every season. Because everyone knows Blackbird its a botter and it means nothing if he uses a macro for paragon levels, thats not the point and much less important than other stuff

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