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    I am going to main Barb for season 12! I was hoping to find people for a barb loot share group straight from the get go. I do think that barb will be one of the best leveling classes (1-70) in season 12, mainly because of the high possibility to get a very good multiplier as a low level item from Kadala. I´m also very excited about that fact that HOTA is making its way back into the game.

    So my idea is as follows:

    Start of season group 3-4 Barbs, if 3 barbs that 4th player would preferable be a monk that wants to (or at least is happy with) playing support once we reach level 70 (wizard or DH might also be okay, due to added ranged damage).

    The kind of players I´m searching for:

    Know the game! With this i mean, know how to level proficient, know you class/build

    Be mature and able to both crack and take jokes, I´m looking for a friendly and fast paste leveling experience.

    Ability to voice chat (Discord/teamspeak) is highly preferred.

    Last but not least be able to play from reset time and to put in a lot of hours the first weekend at least.

    I will not be online very much since season is ended today, so the easiest way to get through to me in in this thread. But if you want feel free to add me in game at Luxs#1919

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    So i was thinking if it would be possible to incorporate the manald heal into the tal rasha meteor build? I saw that some of the people running it used arcane torrent - static discharge as their main channeling ability, would it not then be possible to work in a manald heal to it as well? and if so, does manald heal damage get multiplied with the tal rasha 6p bonus?

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    I haven´t followed everything from the 2.6.1 ptr due to some IRL stuff. So it is a little hard to match whatever video i am looking at with the time for patch notes.

    But if i understand the patch notes correctly, vyrs gives at this point a 50% multiplier for each stack of archon? there isn´t any problem at all gaining 200 stacks, that should equal 10000% right? and you will have a window with double stacks, so during that window you will have a 20000% multiplier? Am I getting something wrong here? cause this math seem to be indicating that vyrs and manald heal with its 14000% procc will dish out way way more dmg than any other wizards set?

    Can someone please clarify if this is the case? I´m having a hard time finding updated videos of vyrs from the PTR.



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    I´ve recently relocated to Canada (Fenwick) from Sweden. As we now have a date for season 12. I am looking for 1 or more people that are planing to get a full weekend (preferably the Thursday too) in of gaming. My current living situation does not allow me to stay up all night gaming, so I was hoping to be able to find some kind of place IRL where I can join other fellow Diablo fans. The location has to be within the Toronto - St. Catharins area.

    If anyone have any input of where I can find such a place or if someone would be interested in meeting up with me for a fun season reset please answer here or contact me with a private message.

    Long live the nephalem!


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