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    posted a message on EU Challenge 36 impossible?

    less than 30 ppl managed so far , so a big GZ to u, that was heart attack close to missing the time XD

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    posted a message on Dreamwalker's Guide for Farming Cosmic Wings

    awesome guide, i had hundreds of portals and still no wings, the dream boyz THE DREAM ~~~~~~~~~ :3

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    It s not just another complain thread, a statement like this is actually something that has never been done, it s gr8.

    However, the player base concerned about bots is the top 0.1%, that see their shot at top ranks stolen by botters. Fact is that 90% of the d3 players dont care about botting or HUD etc., and the top 1k leaderboard players gets hurt more by HUD users then botters. Cos lets face it, look at the paragons of the top 100-300 leaderboard teams/players, actually of the top 20 team/players (solo any1?). HUD is much more of a problem, it steals in the top 300+ spots on the leaderboards for sure, and not just the top 10 spots like bots do.

    Another thing is bots arent that efficient either, cos u cant farm paragons efficiently with bots. It's true u dont ve to spend time keyfarming and on bounties, but the effect of those benefits are limited compared to what would achieve sharing an acocunt between 2-3 ppl. So there will always be 'cheating' for acheving 24/7 grind, while the HUD problem can really be solved if u can protect d3 from such programs.

    EDIT: Btw, all top parties in the clans from the list require some1 to have HUD when pushing, it's a must, been turned down 100 times as a barb for not using stuff XD so yeah this thread is kindda ironic and full of hypocrisy

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