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    I'm just into the game (lvl 14 Crusader in story) and I'm enjoying relearning the game. I'm not up for power leveling and am just trying to play the game as intended while getting back into the mechanics (used to play some on XBOX 360). Eventually I want to find some players in the US, preferably on EST, to run seasons and other content with. If you're looking for the same, feel free to hit me up on PSN: DeadSockPuppet, I play & stream pretty much every Friday & Saturday night from 11p-2a EST. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@DeadSockPuppet_) to chat, theorycraft or whatever.

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    Just picked the game back up (was on XBOX 360) and joined the forums, it's nice to see another PS4 player out here.

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    Hey all, just picked up the UE for PS4 and am looking to get back into the game. I had it for XBOX 360 and played fairly regularly when the game came out, but the group I ran with was able to play more than I was so I ended up always being a mule and getting carried, needless to say that turned me off from the game so I haven't played in many years.

    In the past I've played a lot of RPGs (Skyrim, ESO, Dragon Age, NWN) as well as a playing and DMing assorted D&D campaigns across a couple different editions. When D2 dropped, I played a TON, as I was in college and living on campus with super fast internet - who wouldn't spend a ton of time playing PC games?

    Starting off this time I've jumped in with a Crusader, as tanking it up sounded like a good time. As I mentioned, I'm currently playing on PS4 (PSN: DeadSockPuppet) and I typically play Fri/Sat nights from 11p-2a EST and stream on Twitch (twitch.tv/deadsockpuppet). I'm on Twitter (@DeadSockPuppet_) and I've followed the forum's Twitter.

    Ultimately I'm looking to find a new home game to stream that has longevity and a great community. I hadn't really gotten into community until The Division, but as that game is starting to taper off I'm hoping to find a new group to fall in with. I've spent a lot of time gaming with members of The Division community and would like to do the same here.

    I look forward to seeing what Diablo Fans and the Diablo community have to offer.

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