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    It still won't be that easy to get to GR 100, everything will need to go right for you. Most of what's changing are buffs to damage but the mitigation on most are still the same so even if you can go a couple of tiers higher your chances of survival will be slimmer.

    erm... what? there are a lot of toughness boosts on the ptr all over the place
    While there are a number of toughness boosts, they are both few, and not all that great. going from 60% DR->80% DR is only a 10 GR increase in terms of how tanky you can be, and not everyone has recieved DR buffs.
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    The Meta is def going to change with the next patch. HOTA barb is getting an absolutely gargantuan buff - close to a 4x damage buff JUST through the set alone, not to mention the 2x buff via the Bracers, and the close to 8x buff from Gavel. Given HOTAs strength in ST damage, they might just be the next RG killer.

    But do keep in mind that Meteor Wizard is also getting a similar buff. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Meteor Wizard would be capable of one-shotting GR 90 or so RGs come next patch. Exploding Palm is also getting a major buff, and may also be a RG killer.

    The only thing thats for sure ATM is that all LoN builds will be close to garbage, given that while everyone else is getting a 2-10x damage buff, LoN is getting nothing, and will thus be 20 GRs behind everyone else. Even LoN Bombardment will likely use 2piece Invokers/5piece Akkhans, given the huge damage buff both sets now have.

    Actually, taking a quick look at the numbers, Tal'Rasha, with Grand Vizier in cube, Deathwish, Etched Sigil. 2000% damage buff through Nifur's Boast/Vizier. 325% multiplicative damage buff through Deathwish, 150% multiplicative damage buff through Etched Sigil. Umm, thats at LEAST a 60x damage buff to Meteor Builds.

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