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    This is an aswome thread, and these are some fantastic ideas. I don't think the best way to desintivize cheating is to have a level five Valor buff. It's negative reinforcement. They should use the one if the closest elite pack to this one was killed, the positive affixes spawn. This way it works in tandem with Nefelem Valor which will give even bigger bonuses to the player and therefore more insentive to play.
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    posted a message on Accounts being hacked on US servers
    Quote from Khrull777

    If somebody is using an authenticator and they still got hacked, it is a server side issue.

    Not necessarily. If they did not require an authenticator code EVERYTIME they log in, then the account could still get hacked.
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    posted a message on How can this weapon be better then my currently equipped?
    Quote from Enty

    Buddy the one in your hand has +Str, you're a barb. Strength gives barbs a percent of damage increase. The more strength you have the more damage you do. The other one has no str but higher dps by very little, therefore it is worse in terms of damage.

    Edit: wow that pic fooled me i thought you were a barb but that's your templar. the .10 APS is probably what lowers the damage so slightly. Since you're hitting less often it the minute increase in int and damage is nothing.

    He's not a Barb, he's a Wizard. Look at his skills. It's the Attack Speed. It is the only stat that isn't higher. Given that attack speed rates in attacks per second, and DPS is damage per second, that is what is effecting the lower damage. Your weapon can only deal damage as fast as you can swing it, or in this case power your other skills. That part doesn't make any logical sense but it is how the game works. So conisdering the Rare only has a 1.2 attack speed where as the magic item has 1.3. Therefore it is dealing it's 534.3 damage faster than the rare is dealing its damage.

    But the rare is a better weapon. The +4865 life is MUCH better than the -41.2 damage you are loosing at this point in the game. You are a level 60. When you are dealing 17165 damage, 41.2 damage isn't really going to do a damn thing. This is specially considering that 4865 life really adds to your survivability.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else tired of the complainers?
    I agree with a lot that is being said. Does the game have some genuine problems? Yes. Am I a little disappointed taht Inferno has been beaten after only four days when Blizzard said it would take a couple of months? Yes. I knew it wouldn't be that long before someone beat Inferno, but 4 days? That just sucks. Is there an issue with difficulty? Maybe, I'm only in Act 3 Normal right now. Should Legendaries be more powerful? Probably. Should they end the teleporting to a boss fight and Ressurecting even when taking damage with no consequences? Yes. Despite all of these things, is the game still fucking aswome? YES! I have put in 17 hours with one character and I'm only on Act 3 Normal because I am taking my time and snooping around EVERY corner. So much for the assholes who say the game is too short. And as a result I have learned that this has a very deep story and is done in a form of storytelling I wish more developers woudl adopt.

    It basically boils down to this, are this generation of gamers a bunch of spoiled little shits how don't know what a good game is? ABSOLUTELY!

    All of these fucks that are complaining about the game's graphics, difficulty, not getting "level appropiate loot", Gems sucking, ect. don't know what the hell they are talking about. For those idiots that don't know about elective mode, READ THE DAMN OPTIONS MENU! One guy complained to Blizzard that he couldn't pk. Blizzard's response, "Try Harder." Despite the fact that's hillarious, it's true. Blizzard has done everything they can to inform the public on how the game is going to be. But does the public ever actually do research into a product BEFORE they buy it? NO! Why Becuase they are fucking morons whom I wish wouldn't bread anymore. Those that are complaining are the same noobs who think Modern Warfare series and WoW are good games. They can't wrap their atrophied minds around any thought more complex than, "ooh shiny," let alone a game that actually requires some thought and strategy.

    I am sick and tired of the complaints. The development team worked their asses off for six and a half years to bring us this game, and you know what? It is a HUGE improvement over Diablo 2. Despite launch hiccups, they did a damn good job. I LOVE the fact that the skill trees are gone. It makes experimentation a lot more fun. Does it kill replayability? Yes. But so what? Level all five classes to 60, keep spare sets of gear in your stash for mulitple builds and have fun at any difficulty level you want. If you get bored with the Wizard, move to the Barb and smash shit. Bored with the Barb? Move to the Monk.

    The combat system is very deep. I am playing a Wizard, and I haven't seen ANYONE come close to my build despite the millions of people playing. You know what? That is just phenomenal!

    So, just shut the fuck up, enjoy the game for what it is and have fun.
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    posted a message on Hell too difficult, maybe wrong stats?
    Then you are playing incoreectly. Get better.
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    posted a message on Did you know? ELECTIVE-MODE
    Quote from Frawstbyte325

    I thought Blizzard mentioned this SO many times... but based on the number of people I've seen that have "discovered" elective-mode, I suppose the didn't do a good enough job. Spread the word! I think it's a much better way to play!

    It doesn't matter how much Blizzard advertises or publishes information if no one reads it. So many people are bitching about one thing or another that has three for four answer from Blizzard already, probably even well before launch. Most of these people didn't follow the gam's development. Why should Blizzard be faulted for that. It might even be in the manual. I personally didn't read it because I followed development, I didn't need to.

    Even though it is not necessary for an individual to follos something like this, it does help. But it seems to be the nature of Americans to not actually read, listen, reason correctly or understand even the most basic information. If most cashiers in drive thorughs have trouble giving someone their change without a calculator, why would you expect them to be able to click on options, gameplay, and check Elective Mode. All one has to do is...read. Gasp!
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    posted a message on My Expectations and Dream for expansions
    So far I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DIABLO 3! I am having a blast and I am only in Act 2 of Normal, because I HAVE to investigate EVERY single nook and cranny before moving on. And they have fixed just about everything I disliked about Diablo 2 even though I was a huge fan of the game and the series as a whole. I have been playing the series since it came out in 1997. But as I play D3 I can't help but think about the expansions.

    Lord of Destruction improved upon Diablo 2 drastically. They added a new act, 2 new character classes, Jewels, Charms, and Rune Words. (Though Rune Words destroyed the need for Gems and Jewels.) So I expect them to do the same thing for the expansions.

    First they announced during last year's conference call that there will be 2 Diablo expansions. Considering Diablo 3 sold beyond their expectations I don't see this changing. So this is what I expect and what I dream for D3 expansions are. New items of all teirs and raritys is a given.

    1 new act per expansion
    1 new character per expansion
    10 new levels per expansion with corresponding Skills and Runes for each class.
    The Talisman and Charms
    The Mystic or some equivalent.
    1 or more new class of items
    Some sort of expansion to multiplayer. (since it will be out before the expansions.)

    Thus when everything is done we will have a total of:
    6 Acts
    7 Character Classes
    80 Lvl Cap
    The Talisman and Charms
    The Mystic

    2 new acts per expansion
    2 new characters per expansion
    20 lvls new lvls per expansion with corresponding Skills and Runes for each class.
    The Talisman and Charms
    The Mystic or some equivalent
    1 or more new class of items
    Some sort of expansion to multiplayer

    When everything is done we will have a total of
    8 Acts
    9 Characters
    100 Lvl Cap
    The Talisman and Charms
    The Mystic.

    This would essentially double the length of the game and ensure it lasts the next decade.
    What do you guys think will happen with the expansions? Do you think either of these two things will happen? What would you like?
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    posted a message on World fastest 60 and european first 60
    I have no problem with a team of people doing it. But he said HE did it. Plus the team didn't do it by themselves, they had strangers donating gold and gear to help them upgrade. So THEY didn't do it either. Thus, they really didn't achieve much. I hope they had fun too, but call it what it is, and don't take credit for something you didn't do.
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    posted a message on World fastest 60 and european first 60
    By the way, it wasn't a fair playing field considering server downtimes due to issues with launch. I personally don't care about being the first to lvl 60 because in order to do so, you have to rush, which defeats the purpose of the game. But to claim an achievement he didn't earn and not on an even playing field is just bullshit. It's not honorable at all no matter how long he sat in a chair.
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    posted a message on World fastest 60 and european first 60
    ATHENE IS A F#$%ING TOOL! He didn't do it by himself. HE DID NOT GET WORLD FIRST 60! He got world first 60 playing with other people and having other gamers donate gold and gear to help with leveling.

    He didn't do this by himself. He did it with three other people, and had other people donate gold and gear HE DIDN'T EARN! He cheated. At most that GROUP of people got lvl 60 NOT HIM!

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    posted a message on Fun.. But it doesn't feel like Diablo.
    Quote from Boomtastic

    Only thing I wish they would have brought to D3 was runewords with +skills from other classes. That alone is what made D2 so great IMO. So many different character builds from other characters skills from items. Otherwise D3 is awesome.

    RUNEWORDS SUCKED BALLS! Once they came out it made gems worthless, and it all became about enigma. Which what crap to begin with because no other class should have had teleport.

    As far as D2 being better than D3. D3 has fixed just about every single problem I had with D2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. The fact that I look at the clock when I start, and again when I take a break, and two to three hours have passed. That is the mark of a good game. The story is not only better, but told in a way that I think more video games should adopt. You just need to get off the skill point teet.

    The only thing left that would make the game perfect would be to end this online only bullshit!
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    posted a message on Euro Raaaaaaaaageeee
    Did you guys really think there WOULDN'T be problems?
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    posted a message on anyone got rage @ amazon?
    Quote from specialk2

    But you live in Hawaii? : I've overnighted from NY to HI in 16 hours, ez pz.

    Did you order something that was THIS in demand? Diablo 3 is the best selling pre-ordered PC game in both Blizzard's and Amazon's history. That PLUS the fact that you live in Hawaii is why you had a delay. I"m sorry but it's just a matter of logistics.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Cinematic Screenshots, Results Conference Call, "One of the Chosen", Blue Posts
    These aren't spoilers. Between the comercials and speculation, we have ALL known this for quite a long time, unless you are dense or just haven't been paying attention.
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    posted a message on Who is your favorite Angel?
    Quote from Ronninrogue

    charlie was my favourite angel

    Charlie wasn't an angel, hence CHARLIE'S ANGELS

    Quote from AlucardIX

    Itherael had a cool tele attack in style of "you can't outrun your fate"

    I didn't think about him having teleportation because you can't outrun your fate. That's AWSOME!

    Quote from TehScat

    On that note, 5 angels, 5 classes...

    Barbarian - Imperius, no brainer. He mad, bro.
    Demon Hunter - Malthael, the DH teachings expand the mind and allow incredible feats.
    Witch Doctor - Auriel, the physical manifestation of hope in their culture, of passing into the spirit world safely, yet still fight proudly.
    Monk - Tyrael, seeking balance, and tempering all decisions with thought and consideration.
    Wizard - Itherael, with the distinct similarities of teleportation, long periods of study, and being badass without moving a muscle.


    Also, didn't think about the association of Five Classes, Five Angels. That's a very astute observation. Although Imperius always did remind me of the Barbarian, but that was as far as it went.
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