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    Quote from eman41

    "Act 1 can be done with 150 resists, 30k hp and 5k armor"

    "Act 2 is easy as long as you have 500 resists and 6-8k armor"

    You realize the problem with that gap correct? "up to maghda" is the first questline in the act. So the gear you have that makes act 1 easy needs to be multiplied by 5 in order to survive the opening quest of the next act.

    If act 1 feels easy, you should be able to start act 2 without waiting for +50 res all/+armor pieces to finally drop instead of level 51 daggers. Struggling at the start if a new act is fine. Running away from a wind-up attack or dodging other special attacks is skilled, interesting gameplay. One regular melee hit from normal creatures in gear that lets me waltz through act 1, again, is just silly and not interesting.

    The main thing though is that each Act can be viewed as it's own difficulty. Act1 would be inferno, Act2 would be Inferno+1. Also the mobs don't hit harder past Maghda since they are all the same level. The traits of the mobs change but nothing more. Tonight I plan on going into the sewers to continue farming with my 5 stacks.

    Plus the jump from Act 1 to Act 2 isn't really that bad. Sure my defense shot up by quite a bit but so be it. I would have been happier had Act 1 been increased in diffictuly and you HAD to farm Act4 Hell for a while to gear up. Then the jump from Act1 into Act2 wouldnt feel that daunting.

    Act 3 though seems like a completely different story. The nerf will be welcomed for that area. In my past posts in this thread people jumped down my throat somewhat thinking that nerf has to mean easy. It simply needs to be adjusted to fit into the norms of the game. If Act1 required 2 months to gear up before an attempt was even possible then I would expect the same for each act. Since the jump from act1 to act2 doesn't take THAT much time investment neither should act2 getting into act3.
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    Quote from Puri

    I guess people complaining about the nerfs are simply playing DH or wizzard and can avoid being hit by enemies.

    You are welcome to try and play a monk or barb in act 2 (or even act 1, when you weren't upgrading your items through the AH). Even with 6k armor and 700 resistance to all and 50k life you get oneshotted (and yes, I mean this literally) by many mobs. To get updates from this kind of gear, you would have to invest tens of millions of gold in the AH, whereas my DH can kite all kind of boss combos (with some exception) to their death with pretty much the gear he had when he was reaching act2 inferno.

    So in my opinion, they either needed to buff the melee classes (and here we get to the problem we all already know from WOW: PVP balance) or nerf the npcs. They decided for the latter, and if they really want to balance the classes this also seems the only viable choice,

    Even though I am a fan of making some nerfs to the game it doesn't need them THAT badly. Act 1 can be done efficiently as a monk with no more than 150 resists 5k armor and 30k hp. I know that because that's my setup in MF gear and I can go through it solo or with friends. I won't even die either unless I just get cocky because of how easy it is.

    Act 2 isn't that bad either. Currently sitting at 500 resist all and 6-8k armor depending on my skills and 42k hp. I haven't tested it past Maghda yet with my new setup but I don't see too many problems arising either. But before her just about all the mobs are trivial. I can walk through like 3-4 waves of bees without dying. Due to that sometimes I simply don't bother avoiding them and just charge straight through them.

    Also I don't buy ANYTHING off the AH. I haven't bought one yet and I don't plan on ever doing so. The gear I have is all farmed gear.
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    So long as the nerf to the costs is atleast half it would become useful. I have already used the blacksmith and received upgrades as well. I have also spent a couple million on garbage too. It's a decent way to make quick upgrades. In my case it's even more useful because I refuse to buy gear off the AH so it's an outlet to spend some gold.
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    posted a message on If the purpose of the game is to kill elites...
    I think the CC works pretty well the way it is. On the elite the main focus is to interrupt them more than anything else. As a monk, the best example is blind.

    If it's a wind up melee attack mob use blind before he hits, lets you stay in melee longer since he either has to wind up again immediately or he will just auto-attack until the hit again.

    For fire chain mobs I can use it to get better positioning when they move around to hit me with the chain.

    If playing with a ranged friend should he get stuck somewhere or jailed and the affix is mortar I can buy him enough time to get out of jail. Or should the mobs chase him I can use blind to let him get further away/reset their target.

    It's meant to be used as a twitch movement skill. Not used to get extra dps time but to cancel a deadly hit / get more favorable positioning.
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    To better show what I mean about the math here are the numbers against a level 63 mob. In the calculations I changed the resist to 350 because I might have had that much at the time when facing this elite. Some of the reduction is rounded to the nearest integer. If the math is off let me know. (I don't usually do this).

    Armor DR = armor / (50 * 63 + armor)
    Resist DR = resist * 10 / (50 * 63 + (resist * 10))
    Monk DR = 30%
    Total DR = 1-(1-Armor DR * (1-Resist DR) * (1-Monk DR))
    Before DR damage = damage / (1-Total DR)
    After DR damage = damage * (1-Total DR)

    So in my case the real world reduction would be:
    7000 armor = 69% DR
    350 resist = 53% DR
    Total DR = 90%

    If the elite i mentioned took me down to flashing red which I'll just assume is 10% remaining life.(not sure the % value, let me know)
    Elite damage after reduction = 39600
    Elite damage before reduction = 384825

    Now assume I have 10k armor and 1000 resist.
    Total DR = 96%
    Elite damage after reduction = 13260
    % life lost = 30%

    And as I mentioned before he hits around once per second. That just seems like too much damage.
    To sum it up you almost need BIS gear just to farm act 3 but you wouldn't be able to get the gear because you can't kill the elite. It should be designed that you can kill the elites with some difficulty but as you gear up it just gets easier/faster.
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    This nerf was needed so very much. It's not fun to get 1 shot(or nearly) in act 3 by champions/elites. Even with better gear they will still hit you very very hard.

    On my monk i can get up to 7k armor, and 500 resist all with 44k hp. The armor scales so poorly past 6k where the jump from 6k to 7k is 3% reduction. The resist all I never bothered to look at my DR but I can almost safely say that around maybe 600 it scales just as poorly.

    On my monk just last night in act 3 the first elite (those dog ones) hits me for 35k. Assuming i do get about 10k armor and 800-1000 resist all the most it will be reduced by is maybe 10-15k. Hell I could even double my hp. That means after 4-5 hits I wil still die. Even with life on hit i would need to regen 20k per second (the elites attack speed) to kill it for about 1-2 minutes. Thats not even including the minions and possible trash whites around it.

    The other thing is if i just simply kite it on my monk with deadly reach or some other mechanic where the goal is to not get hit, why would I then use my monk and not a demon hunter where i can probably quadruple my damage or maybe more AND kite better.

    Plus if the goal is to not get hit why bother even getting vitality/resistall/armor, the best strat would be stacking your mainstat/IAS/Crit.
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    posted a message on D3 Skill Mechanics Destroy Replayability?
    I have a very positive outlook on the current D3 system. Most posts about this almost seem to forget that Blizzard said that they want gear to define your character more than skills. By this logic it's entirely possible that certain builds will be nearly impossible to play without the gear for it.

    Say you have a build that spends x amound of mana a second, and by default you have 10x, then you only have mana for 10 seconds. So your options are:
    - +dmg so everytime you cast a spell it hurts more so you only need 10 casts
    - mana regen so you can spam your abilities and if you go oom it would only be temporary
    - get more mana so you can spam 20 spells now but once you go oom then thats that

    That's only a spin on a build that works in 3 scenarios. Other builds might simply require a specific stat to work. So you now can't just use this set of skills and make it work because you probably don't have the gear for it.

    Then there are runes that throw another twist into things.
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    Quote from Zerglor

    I understand getting rid of the scrolls and what not. I just think its stupid in a way that you have to then unidentify the item. You could easily implement say it being some random blue/elite/legendary on the ground. Then upon picking it up its instantly known. Rather than Identifying it once its in your bag. Have you "Identify" it whilst picking it up. Doesn't seem like a negative thing and still keeps you from having to carry scrolls or anything else.

    I wouldn't mind this. It does get rid of the step by step process of getting a new item though. I know blizzard said they like the fact that loot is like unwrapping a present. With this change, you don't know what it is until you pick it up, but I think blizzard likes the extra step of having to identify it compared with not identifying it. Personally, I'd enjoy it more if it auto-identified, but I would be pretty surprised if Blizzard decided to change it.

    I'm sure it will just be auto-identified. It's possible they just left it as it was from a previous beta build because it was simpler to change. Even if not at release I'd like to think it would be changed in a future patch.

    It's also possible they just don't deem the time it would take to change it, or the possibility of introducing more bugs, worthy.
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    As far as my knowledge in the lore (which is around moderate) demons can never die. No matter how many times they die they will can always come back. The only known way to get rid of them is to banish them to the void. And even then they can still get out. Just becomes incredibly harder.
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    I hope before the release that it's changed to not needing to identify them. I don't really care for the hidden properties. Even in D2 was out of place somewhat. When I played i would pretty much only pick up yellows and up because I couldn't be bothered picking up a blue and finding out it was trash.
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    posted a message on Why don't many people take Poison Dart in their builds?
    In the beta I used this spell quite a bit. It is god awful in aoe situations and has no use. But when i come across a single mob, or a really strong one I think it really shines. Using any aoe spell against say skeleton king is so slow in comparison and you will go oom in no time. Dart imo was the BEST single target damage spell. Its just situational and the situations do come up.

    I haven't read the other spells or played with builds so perhaps there are better. Even if there are some that sound good in theory it's just theory. There spider jar spell sounds god awful in theory, to me anyways, but proved quite effective (again situational)
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    Another reason this isn't needed is you can already tell if you doing an effective job. Are enemies dying fast enough for you? If yes then you don't need more dps. If no, switch your build and go back. I highly doubt anyone will notice or care if the damage between 2 builds are so close, you need a meter for it.
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