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    posted a message on How can the Demon Hunter be improved?
    In my opinion the Dh deosn't need any improvements ;)
    Me and my ferret are going to hit any mob critically with unbelievable cuteness!! *piu piu
    At least this is what blizzard realized: pets are awesome and every class should have the chance to have one!
    But the rockets are way too unstylish, not just for the Dh it doesn't really fit in the whole concept of goth/dark age/fantasy either.
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    posted a message on Sin War Lore Reference
    first, without any doubt the story itself is awesome and solidifies what we know and value of diablo.

    BUT (!!) I read the books in german and it took me a month to read the first book... it was just sooooooo (!!!) unbeleavable bad written -.-' maybe I have to blame the translator...

    but your summary is really great it leaves out the R.A.Knaak style!
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