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    Quote from Greenยป

    It's 2.6.1 i belive not 2.2.6 :)

    Gr 100 solo will still be quite of achievement with all of this buffs i think. Currently on ptr highest clear belongs to Akkhans blessed shield crusader. That person cleared gr 116 on non season. Im bit skewed towards crusader, cos i almost always play crusader, and with the newest changes i will be glad to go with crusader as main again. I'm pretty sure that crusader will be one of the best classes to reach this goal especially if you don't like to fish alot.

    The other class than crusader will be obviously Necro. I think necro is capable to do 100 in current season for anyone who put enough of effort in it, and it is much less effort that is needed to reach same goal with other classes now.

    About your gear: items that changed and got buffed, you will need to farm those again.

    Your paragon is bit low and you should work on gems also. I mean 88 gems you can easily upgrade in your way to 100. Augments should be ok i think, but due to fact that you are low paragon, squeezing a bit more from augments might be a good idea.

    Just to clear it a bit, i think what you got is enough to reach that gr 100 solo, but you asked about "easiest" way, so the things i pointed will make you reach this goal significantly easier.

    My goal for next season is also gr 100, not sure if i will make it, but atleast i will try. Im aiming for 90 augments, 95 gems and around 1k paragon. Ofcourse paragon is lower than what you have, but well on season i need to start from scratch. I don't need it to be easy tho, im patient and i can fish for good rift so i think i should be able to reach it with that attitude.

    This 116 clears was the only class with 4500+ paragon and optimal Gear ;) He Got augmennts 115-125as i remember + mail gems near 140. Didnt u notce That he is 7gr higher then 2nd guy?.
    The easiest 100gr will be ;
    If you think about speed monk+necro
    If u think about stayin in all moltens/Arcane dh+barb
    If you know how to force move then rusader
    If you Got mechanicy then wizz xd
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    Yeah but when u use thud long time ago nowadays u Got much more skill bcs u Learn faster pylon spawn and progression for each Type of mob. PLUS i dont know why you Got problem to use thud in top100 4 man push bcs Everyone know That you need open locations with good density.

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    After those buffs i think blizzard have to take some love to lon rings its harder to Gear and still less power.

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