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    So, I am rolling a DH for season 11. Doing a Hardcore character. My question is about my neckless. According to this guide I was looking at about this Unhallowed essence build it says to use a hellfire amulet with ambush or or steady aim passives on it. Now that being said I am currently wearing the Golden Gorget of Leoric. It's stats are +680 Dex, +93 Resist all elements, +90% critical hit damage, +8.5% Critical hit chance, and +24,440 life from health potions. This amulet seems pretty boss to me. I currently have 726k atk, 29.1M Armor, and 1427k health. Now, The hellfire amulet stats are +77-146 damage, +682 Dex, +733 vitality, +145 physical resistance, has a socket, and I get the ambush passive. However, my atk drops to 584k, armor goes to 31.1m, and health drops to 1264k. So, In my eyes. The first amulet seems better? Am I wrong in thinking this?

    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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