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    posted a message on LF 2 -3 More Hardcore Players -OR- Clan to join for Season 11!

    Recently lost my standard group I play with during seasons and I am looking for 2-3 more hardcore seasonal players to level up, grind, and push with as soon as the season starts. Either that or a clan I can join that has plenty of hardcore players looking to do Grift progression and push leaderboards.

    I'm looking to do 3 or 4 man group meta progression and will be playing witch doctor. I've been playing D3 since vanilla and have been a hardcore player during every single season since the start. I am looking to finally do some serious paragon grinding and really push the leaderboards hard.

    If you're interested in grouping up or have a clan I can join, feel free to hit me up on here or add my battle tag, Stryphe#1200.

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