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    Quote from Samurro

    DONT USE HEAVENS STRENGTH, if you are to stupid to keep up with 10% movement speed + steed. HOLY CHRIST.

    I am really going insane, reading all this bullshit about the lack of mobility for crusader. If you feel that way, WHY do you use heavens strength? Because you would feel inferior dmg wise then? Get your shit together, you can't have BOTH.
    I have to agree with this. The downside of the talent is the reduced movement speed, but you get to wield a weapon the size of your model in 1 hand.

    The trade-off is pretty simple. If you don't like it, don't use it. It really is as simple as that.
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    posted a message on Lightning Hammerdin - For Those Who Want To Destroy T1-T4
    Thank you for this build - It's awesome fun!
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    Quote from miles_dryden

    5 difficulties, no Easy mode.

    So...what's the deal here?

    If I remember correctly, that's how it's done on the consoles in terms of Monster Power level. Each difficulty is 2 monster power, so it bottles down to 5 difficulties.

    Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno stays as is on the consoles. So you have 2 sliders to work with; Difficulty and overall level.

    Perhaps they simply showed the console version of that one screen. Who knows.
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    Quote from Mob_Dylan

    Account bound on Transmogrify has got to go, No one is going to use it if it stays. .

    I sure will. I don't care for trading with other people, I want to get my experience from playing with my friends and solo. As do many other players.
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    Quote from Shad3slayer

    Quote from m4st0d0n

    Loot 2.0 will be patched in for all players before the expansion.

    That was never explicitly stated.

    Knowing Blizzard it's 99% going to be in the expansion.

    No way - They'd never dare release anything this crucial in a expansion pack. They know alot of people are waiting for it, and they have showed that they understand the need for it publicly.

    Can't wait to see what this Xpac contains though! :)
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    Personally I lurk these forums every day, looking for info. It's rare that I post though.

    The official forums have never really caught my interest - Partly because of the layout of Blizzard forums but also because I like the layout of Diablofans more. Similarly I don't use Reddit that much.

    I guess it depends on what you prefer - Each version has a good amount of info and interesting discussions, if you can filter out all the... guano-posts.

    In any case, welcome to the site. I hope you find it usefull :)
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    posted a message on Sad for the lack of appreciation
    This thread is approved - Nice to see that I'm not the only one that really does like the game :)
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    posted a message on Should AH's be removed from Diablo 3?
    Quote from FortuN

    Still, me searching for open games on different quests, almost never shows up a public on the same quest.
    For example Cod im sure of having that ratio of 1:12. Im not going to search for different patterns on ratios of playing games, but im pretty sure that the nearest game we can come, Diablo 2, had better ratio than that. Just on the short notice, its alot of things in the game that need to be improved, the drops and the end game is two of them. Still, we can't know why they playing 2/12 of them. I know that many of them is just seeing and trying the game if its any difference in it. Let us agree that we disagree with eachother. I would not start the "Oh but Diablo 2" since im pretty sure it don't have much player nowaday at all because of the release of Diablo 3, and that it is and old game so it don't attract many new players as Diablo 3 does. I don't think there are any god game in that time period that i know of or likes that can have. Sc2 maybe, and WoW before that om pretty sure had higher rates. This game is after all just all about Game replayability as D2 is. So it should have a much higher ratio. Theres no question about that they have problems with the game, you can say that they have high numbers, but not so high that they could be. Alot of friends who played D2 for many months just plays Diablo 3 for a week or so. And they feel like the game have nothing new in it.

    And as on side note, im pretty sure that many of this "players" is bots, since it seems alot of users are cheating in the game. Even a friend of my i heard about that he started using bots months ago, just for getting money in the RMAH.

    If you have a look at the Official forums, there are so many threads that complains about the game that its almost crazy. And to not talk about standard gaming sites, where 80% is complaining about diablo 3 in any news it has about it..

    You forget one thing though, when mentioning the official forums.

    Right now, it's "hip" to hate Diablo 3. Everyone and their pets, spouses and distant relatives spew the same complaints without having either encountered it, thought it through, or even thinking about the impact of it. They complain without researching the alternatives, without having even bought the game or while still recommending the game to other people.

    Now I'm all for speaking your mind, if you have sat down and actually tried it and looked at alternatives. But the mind of the complaints regarding Diablo 3 are so ridiculously influenzed by "LOL I HATE YOU BECAUSE ITS COOL" that it looses any and all merits. It's the very essence of band-wagon-hate.

    Regarding the AH, I'm neutral. I see positives and negatives on both sides - It doesn't affect my gameplay enough for me to be passionate about either side to be honest.
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    posted a message on Skele King & Magda MP 3 Uber Solo Length 2:47
    Quote from Brake Failure

    Quote from dao72785

    well im just a noob i think i did good

    I agree. Screw the flamers. Put up a video if you want, its your channel

    This. Enjoy the small victories - Grats on the kill!
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    Quote from Vulmio

    Quote from Nordicus

    Random is random

    Quite sick of reading this ! Sorry Nordicus I don't have anything against you but people saying random is random are getting anoying ! You can't justify the game sucking for some people just because it's good for other. This is not a good way to develop a game.

    Saying : "Sorry the game sucks for you, but it's fine because it's good for others" is not an appropriate way to balance a game. The game should be fun for everyone, not for randomly selected players.

    It seems to me that you're on a impossible mission then. You argue that the game should be fun for everyone, which you claim it isn't now - I agree it isn't. However i don't think it should be either.

    You say that "The game should be fun for everyone, not for randomly selected players.." This is impossible. The entire game is based around chance. About randomness. If people can't agree with that fact, then this is the wrong game for them, regardless if they have work, kids, wives, a company to run or whatever.

    I understand it's a annoying argument. But you have to understand, that if they change it in your favor, other players won't like it, and thus we're back at the same argument, just with a different tip of the scale. Just because you disagree with this doesn't mean that it's a bad way to develop the game. It's all about the eye of beholder.
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    Random is random.

    I'm at paragon level 2 on my toon, and I had 2 legendaries drop yesterday. Before that, I didn't get anything remotely usefull for a couple of weeks.

    The droprates have always been low, which is part of the game. They're doubling it in the next patch. We do not know if it's simple or not, so I wouldn't speculate in "it's easy to do as a hotfix".

    Just keep going at it or wait for the 1.05 before you continue. The choice is up to you.
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    Quote from Andarus

    Just stop playing this terrible game.Thats just exactly why 99% of the people stopped playing. They have "meh" gear and its just a waste of time to farm and hope for "meh" items again to make a little money to sometime affort a update out of the AuctionHouse(LOL!).

    Quit and give D3 a final chance when 1.0.4 is released.

    Wow, are you seriously still posting? 3 months of hating a game so intensly and still active on the biggest fanbase forum there is?


    OP: I would probably try to get some more Crit chance. You should bae able to get more. by trying to get a better amulet, gloves and bracers. The helmet can have a higher crit chance as well.

    Beyond that, I would look at the OH as well.

    Best of luck!
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    posted a message on Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway - Week 1
    Interesting idea! Signing up :)

    Realm: EU.
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    posted a message on Message from Mike Morhaime to Diablo Players
    Oh ye gamers of little faith - The game has been out for 2 months. It's still in it's infancy. If you expect perfection from day 1, then it's your own fault that you got disappointed.

    The games awesome - It can be godlike with the right tweaks over the next year or so :)
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    posted a message on Did you change any habbits?
    Rhetical - Managing your time can be just as hard as kicking a bad habit. You're change is no less a feat than mine and you should be proud of it! Keep going strong - It shounds like a very positive change overall :)

    A little tip for quitting smoking by the way. I have been smoking 1-2 packs a day for 9 years. The best tip i can give is taking a week off and be at home. Relax, play games and watch videos. Buy alot of spearmint gum (or a flavor of your type) and whenever you feel like a smoke, grab a gum instead.

    The worst period is the 3 first days. After your past day 3, the worst of the physical addiction is over. After this, is about breaking a habbit, more so than breaking a addiction. Once you're past the 3 days, everything will be a tad easier.

    Best of luck!
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